Can you recommend any book on time management?
I found out that i wake up with plans to do everything I need to do and at the end of the day, I don't do all that I need to do.

Few months ago, I was exactly like this. I will wake up in the morning with so much energy and variety of things in my head i'll love to do. I'd be so elated about the day but in the end, I'll realize that I have not done as much as I intended to do and the day was a complete waste. I'll suck and hope on the next day.

The next day comes and surprisingly, the whole process takes a repeat toll on me. I realized that I had so much spare time but I couldn't account for it. I spent most of my time watching TV, surfing the internet and doing every other thing that spells busy without really engaging in any business. Carrying out so much activity without being productive. Being actively engaged in a thing or two doesn't mean you are productive anyway. I needed a change. I needed to tell someone my plight. So I called my mentor and explained the whole scenario to him.

He said one thing, "I'll give you 7 days to read a book by Brian Tracy: Eat that Frog". After 7 days, come back and we'll map out a time management plan for you. He actually handed the book over to me and I read the book in less than 7 days, after which he asked some critical tie management questions and it has since been different ever since.

Everyday, I wake up with a purpose and a plan for the day. At the end of the day, I check to see if I have accomplished all that I wanted to achieve for the day and surprisingly, I achieve between 85-95% of my goals for the day. It may not be great but it is definitely better than how it used to be before. 

Read the book, and most importantly, practice the principles therein.

Cheers, JI


Here are my recommendation based on the books I read before, hope it helps you :). 

Book recommendation number 1: How did I get so busy? 

Book recommendation number 2: Idiot's guide to managing your time

**Recommendation from my personal experience**

Before you go to sleep, you can pull out a piece of paper or notebook or your phone to write down 3 - 5 TO DO LIST (Based on priority) so that you can plan ahead of time to allocate to each of the TO DO LIST. Other than that, you also learn to allocate time for task that come unexpectedly. 


Pausch's address on time management is, as I would see it, the best introduction on profitability strategies at any point recorded. I have watched the discussion in any event about six times, I gained some new useful knowledge and imperative on each event. The outline underneath forgets the interesting jokes and drawing in stories, concentrating only on the noteworthy bits of exhortation. 

The discussion tends to the accompanying points: 

Step by step instructions to set objectives. 

Step by step instructions to abstain from sitting around idly. 

Step by step instructions to manage your supervisor. 

Step by step instructions to assign. 

Step by step instructions to deal with pressure and stalling 

Americans are awful at managing time. On the other hand, they are truly adept at managing cash. 

Be that as it may, time and cash are fundamentally the same as. A key thing to ask is, "Much's identity a hour of your time worth?" Knowing this figure is exceptionally useful for settling on choices including exchange offs, for example, regardless of whether you ought to accomplish something yourself or pay another person to do it. Consider time and cash as though they are nearly a similar thing. 

So time, similar to cash, should be overseen. 

The discussion acquires intensely from the accompanying books: 

Cathy Collins, Time Management for Teachers 

Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, The One Minute Manager 

Stephen Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 

Dick Lohr, Taking control of Your Workday 

The issue of "time starvation" is foundational, similarly as the issue of African starvation may be. All things considered, it requires long haul intercessions that objective hidden principal forms. 

Time management is at last about carrying on with an additionally advancing, satisfying life. It's tied in with having some good times. 

Being fruitful doesn't influence you to deal with your time well. Dealing with your time well makes you fruitful. Somebody who is less gifted could at present be more fruitful by building up the applicable metaskills: the aptitudes to streamline whatever abilities you do have. 

Each time you are going to invest energy accomplishing something, ask yourself: 

For what reason am I doing this? What is the objective? 

For what reason will I succeed? 

What occurs on the off chance that I decided not to do it?


God make 24 hours and called it a day because he knew what he was doing. In get all your daily plans done, I recommend that you read:

**Eat that frog by Brian Tracy**

Its a masterpiece on time management.