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What is the best way to promote and encourage a newbies with my low S.P?
It has been very frustrating for some newbies who don't get upvotes, and encoragement from people and in a short rum, they walk away, to them, the system is not favourable and they give bad testimonies about the community. I feel for them and realty don't know how to help them
I'd say continues feedbacks is the trick. See I'm a newbie too. Mostly I write movie reviews and answer questions in musing. Now to me, the most precious thing in steemit is if someone reads my posts and leaves a related comment. That motivates me to write again.

Now in Steemit most of the new users you see come here to earn that sweet sweet crypto. But when they see its very hard to earn here, some of them lose interest. They don't see the fun and can't find the motivation to write and blog again and again. But enough feedbacks from other users makes them feel Steemit to be more interesting and boosts their self-confidence to go on. I started using Steemit only two months ago and now it became an addiction of mine as i have a great community and they support me every time. Though we don't have enough SP or delegations to curate my or any other users posts to their full value our mutual feedbacks and understanding turned this into a daily part of my life.

Whether you have a lot of sp or not it doesn't matter if you want to motivate someone to post again and agin. Upvote with what you have as this is more of a social network than a way of earning money. And reply with related comments on their post. And you will find them stuck with you and doing the same for you too.
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I started with abysmally low SP too. An account created through Steemit.inc's user signup program with no outside investment to boost my SP.

To be honest my "conversion rate" of users who i introduced to Steem to those that stayed here and posting regularly is very low. Writing and content creation should be for everybody, and with Steem there is no gatekeeper. Unfortunately from my observation, not many people has what it takes. Especially when it comes to enduring the "no upvote" times.

Writing on Steemit should be a continuous thing, like building a business or working out, results don't come overnight but when people "made it" they looked like they came out of nowhere.

My take? don't spoonfeed new users too much, often times they will start relying on your support and votes and get dissapointed when you no longer do so. It's much more rewarding to find (or train) someone who knows what it takes "play the steemit game" and then leave them to their own device. Of course that does not mean abandon them completely and ignore them.

I witnessed the birth of a community of creators and writers in Steemit based in my home country and this is what i always tell the newbies; "no one upvoted or supported me when i first started, things were harder back then, and there was only steemit.com. Steem was mere cents back then too." to get them to see my perspective.

A coaching program surely helps yes, but in terms of personally helping someone out, IMO it's better to get them to know the basics and them have them to figure the rest themselves. It makes for higher quality Steemian.
The best way is to be patient and think of it like a ladder that you need to climb. As long as your climbing it everyday, it makes an accumulative impact. Water can actually make holes in those hard cement floors or stone in the forest floor.

Find some good contents and post questions like these. Go have a look at what others who have high S.P are doing to boost their S.P. Just keep on posting good content which have quality and you will slowly be able to reap it's benefits. Just do it but be patient and have determination and persistence.
There are different ways you can encourage them even without your steempower, steemit is a platform that has a lot of features that enable people in earning and passing information with posts.
You can just introduce some helping way which you know and also read about in order to encourage them so that they can stay on steemit, like this present platform we are on now which is musing, tell them about musing benefit and this same apply to other steemit features like contests, curation trails and lot more.
I am also a newbies in musing as well as in steemit but I don't lose the hope because on the first I weak only I was upset and I fell that I want to leave but I try my hardest and in which topic I am having interest I write a blog so I can also send my experience with you on that blog I good good comments and upvote so from there I decided not to leave steemit and after some days I got a good platform named musing.

So from that I know my experience was that I was leaving this platform with the reason not earning good.so I decided the newbies with low steem power comes and start to earn good money I will encourage them and also I will give upvote so they can't leave as early as possible and they make steemit and musing as a earning purpose for whole life.

The newbies who written their blog and then I will comment on their blog and I will give my telegram address and I will tell contact me on telegram to get more upvoates and how to write how you can make a steemit as a earning platform for your whole life.