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How can we edit a question on Musing, after posting?
I created a question in musing, in https://musing.io/q/charlie777pt/p3km4nm3w and after that, I could edit the question, and when I see the answers, I see the corrections I made, but not in the link above, where I) still see the initial error. By the way, I made that mistake because the question has only one line. Now I can't find anymore the button to edit the question. Thanks for any help And Keep on musing. :)

There are/were a couple of reasons for the option of editing a question:

  • Users can correct any spelling/typing mistake, they made while writing the question.
  • They can edit the question to some extent and/or add something, if the question is not conveying/sending the true purpose/message of the question to the readers.

Many musers have been using the edit function for the above mentioned reasons, but unfortunately some of the users misused this option intentionally or unintentionally, by changing the complete question to a new one even after getting the answer/s.

musing is trying to keep the platform transparent and fair to all its community members/users (old/new/future users), and in order to get rid of any abusing attempt, musing has changed/limited the edit function's availability for a specified period of time. 

What is this time period?

Now, any question can be edited until an answer is not posted. The moment, very first answer to the question is posted, question couldn't be edited any more.

So after this change, people need to put more efforts/thoughts/care in asking a question, which will IMHO ultimately improve the quality of the questions as well.

Thanks & have a nice day.


Well, next time make sure to proof check your questions before posting to Musing.

An option to edit questions have been removed from Musing because people would edit their questions so many times, that the answers they got prior, were no longer answers to those questions.

And, I get it. 

Sometimes you want to clarify something better after being called out on it.

But, some users were editing it into a complete different questions on complete different subject.

Is that a troll? 

I don't know.

But if you want to troll Musing curators, that's what you would do.

Therefore, no editing.


You can go to your Profile - Questions

Choose your question (make sure it's new. i mean if there is time that you can't edit again your question, maybe after you get the respon).

You can see Edit Button on the right up corner. 

Edit your question, and done.


Well, there is no editing your post after posting. Even with the edit post button then, I found it hard to edit a post. I didn't like that at first because I sometimes make typographical and grammatical errors I would love to correct. Plus more or new ideas sometimes come after submitting the answer.

But Answer to any question should be spontaneous, something you can easily write about, an expert on or have a lot of experience in. So, I now fully understand why there should be no editing option here on musing so the system is not abused. It is part of what the developers of musing want it to be.

The key is to write and let it flow from your heart. Of course it is important to be correct and error free in your posts but we sometimes can't help it. I think you should be find peace if the readers can understand and relate to your posts even with the mistakes (we all know mistakes when we see them).

And spend a minute or two to proofread your posts. Sometimes, we just want to post and move on the next thing. Proofreading requires patience but important to avoid 'silly' mistakes on musing and on any platform.

Have a good day.