HOW shall we call active users on Musing? Musingers? Musers? Muselies? Any other suggestions?
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I go for MUSER.


Current result:

Muser: 5

Muse: 1

Musite: 1

The Muse Family: 1

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I think Musers would work for me.

From the word.... Musing users, you can easily get Musers.

There rest are just so funny a name to be called someone.

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It is a good question to ponder especially now that Musing.io is becoming trending and will soon become a common name for IT gadget users. I think we can call active Musing users:


Current result:

Muser: 6

Muse: 1

Musite: 1

Museling: 1

The Muse Family: 1

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Musers sounds good to me.😊

I think I will go with musites.

That will not be so bad. I have been thinking so that is what I was able to come up with.

So what do you think.

If I have to choose from the few option you gave us, I'd say Musers would be the best option. Musingers and Muselies  both sound awful. 

Musers has been used before, I can't tell you exactly by whom but I've seen this expression before and I like it. it sounds good and pleasant to the eye. 

I'd be happy to be called Muser, I'm here each day, would not miss it unless I'm so busy I don't have a minute to spend on here, but that day has not come yet. 

Hello Ching-chong. I would be happy to be called a Muser.I am a serial Muser and happy to be called one. We are all part of the Musing family. I cannot think of another name that would be more appropriate. 

I will give it some more thought .but i don't think you could better this. Musinger sounds funny and is a mouthful

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How about Muselies? lol

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Given the origin of the word, I think it's root is best: muse.  We're muses!

Well i will suggest that active users on musing should be called "".the muse family""...

the muse are the group of people who create "musing"on musing.io.......

Musing itself is described as something that is actually reflective or also thoughtful,..e.g a musing answer or question....

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A happy few? :D

It would even be accurate nowadays.