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Are you afraid of committing mistakes?

No, because making mistakes is part of a learning process. 

Making a mistake is not a bad thing. Not fixing your mistake, and not learning from your mistake, that's a bad thing. 

When you learned to walk, or to ride a bike, you, like everybody else, fell. That's not a bad thing. It hurt at that moment, but it learned you that you need to try to stay upright. And when you tried staying upright by leaning forward, you fell again. So you learned that leaning too far forward is not a good way to stay upright.

If you would have fallen while trying to walk, and see it as a bad thing, no more, no less, then you wouldn't have gotten up, you wouldn't have tried again, and you would still be there, not being able to walk.

Most people are not in the incapabality to do something, they are just afraid to fail, to make mistakes. While actually, making mistakes is the best way to learn how to do something.

To end with a quote: When asked if he wasn't tired of failing to produce his lightbulb said "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work".



Mistakes has been a part of learning process of a human being. It is one way of teaching us and improving ourselves to be able to overcome and never be doing the same mistakes again. We may consider this as an experience also but in a way that you engage them in negative way.

But some people are afraid to do a job or work without even trying them, as for some of them they prefer not to do it because of being afraid of doing mistakes. Sometimes we don't even try ourselves to perform an action that we are not familiar into but still you can learn them along the way.

Mistakes can be overcome and possibly will not repeat once you have already know it. So take up any possible challenge and move forward, not let something negative can pull you down and make it as a hindrance for you not doing it. 

 So if you want to learn something, don't be afraid to commit mistake. Mistakes are only part of the lesson that you want to learn. Be thankful if you commit a mistake for it is an experience.Always remember that we are all human beings and always prone to mistake, no human being is perfect. 


As mentioned by my favorite Mathematecian Albert Einstein which became my Life Principle now : 

"A person who has never made a mistake has never tried something new"

A mistake is just a manifestation of learning new things. It is part of the learning process. One can never be sure of doing the right thing given the uncertainties. Even the best has done a lot of mistakes, but they did not dwell on it. Instead, they used it to do better than the previous.

Mistakes sometimes are equivalent to failures, but it isn't. To support that statement, a great quote by Thomas Edison will complete the picture.

"I have not failed. I just found 10,000 ways that didn't work".

Often times we commit mistakes in our life. The most important part their is having the mindset to be better next time and think of it carefully before doing it.


Mistakes are part of the learning process. One cannot deny that mistakes play an integral part of ones growth. Success is sometimes defined as how much you strive hard from the mistakes you made. 

Never be afraid of committing mistakes. Sometimes it is a ticket for one's success. Just be reminded that before you do things, you must carefully act and think of the consequences of your actions.

Mistakes may sometimes drag you down. So think twice before doing anything. Think twice before executing it. 


Yes. I have always been a person who wants to plan and make sure everything goes my way. Who doesn't? What is the point of living if you will not do it right,right?

Hence, I do my best to do what is right. Do my best. But human as we are, mistakes are inevitable. Even if we put ourselves into the right path, we have the tendency do the wrong things and choose the dark path anyways but that too is okay.

 We are humans. We are not perfect. So mistakes, even if I am afraid of committing them.  I know when bad things happen in consequence of my mistakes, the silver lining is that there will be lessons learned for the future. 

 And that my friend, is called growing up. 


No one can  never be afraid of trying something and making a mistake. That is how we learn.

The mistake is not trying in the first place and there is nothing to be afraid of. You only live once and have to try everything at least once. The more you try the less mistakes you will make.

There is a saying that you should rather try and fail but never fail to try. That is so true and wished more people would do things without fear.