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Why do leaves change color?
Chlorophyll is the color in plants that influences them to seem green, yet it isn't the main shade that is available. Do you know what influences the clear shade of takes off?

In biology I have learned that color changes in leaves occur due to climate change or the transition from summer to autumn. changes in temperature and changes in the spectrum of sunlight distribution that cause chlorophyll to be in an optimal condition. so the plants adapt to the emergence of other color pigments that are more efficient in that climate. and also xanthophyll and karetenoid work as converting sunlight after most of the chlorophyll is lost. then the leaf changes color to red or yellow.


Leaves Get the same old inexperienced color from pigment, a pigment found in plant cells. Pigments area unit any substances which will absorb daylight.

chlorophyll absorbs daylight and uses energy to create food for plants. In autumn, the leaves of the Lost Tree area unit bright inexperienced.

The poplar leaves become golden, the sugar trees grow to be bright red circles. This color modification suggests that chemical medication within the leaves, that are some things that happens to pigment.

when summer turns into season, each tree begins its rummage around for winter. Food substances creep out of the leaves and into branches, stems and roots of trees.