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Do you inquire about the appropriate responses you post on pondering or is everything just put away learning and suppositions?
I see long responses to straightforward inquiries and the other way around. Makes me think about whether the substance these individuals contribute are regularly Google'd or they have real skill regarding the matter.

Musing.io rewards people not just for giving straightforward and correct answers sometimes the questions and queries on this place requires personal experiences, opinionated views and personal perceptions sometimes the reason why the answers you see here seems to look like they're googled is because these answers have personal experiences to them. For example I answer mostly questions that requires my technical know-how or my opinion concerning certain issues, sometimes people do not want to know about educational issues sometimes people wants to hear other people experiences and learn from them this is one branch of the platform that is actually very useful to the human life, so as much as this platform is for having answers to things that you may not comma it is also for communication, association and engagement.

For example your question requires personal opinion and when someone is giving their personal opinion they do not need google and also their answers always seems to be a bit long because they are expressing their views. Take for example I answer question based on politics and government because it is my area of concentration I also answer question based on philosophy and christianity but I leave and ignore questions that are related to science this is because I will never google answers because I think this platform is unique and we must never google answers in order to answer questions here that is why I ignore science and actually focus on questions that based on my area of concentration.

So I definitely speak for myself I do not know for so many other people but I believe that before someone can answer a question then they must have skills concerning the area which the question is based upon and this is my perception about this topic that you have brought up I hope this answers your question very well