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Changing history?
If you had the ability to change only one event in human history what would you change and why?
This question is so tricky because we don't know how going back in time works. While many scientists have theorized about this idea, we still have no idea if going back in time and doing so little as stepping on a butterfly on accident could change the fate of the human race. But let's say time didn't work like that, and you could change major events without having too much of an effect on the future. If time was more like that, I would probably try to go back to as many places as possible, and warn people of scams. Most people would probably respond with wanting to stop a catastrophic event like 9/11, but these catastrophic events and what we do after them is what defines us as humans. If it weren't for these events, we would not have set up half the saftey measures we have today. Scams are relatively small compared to the grand scheme of things, so this shouldn't have too much of an effect on human history. It would save people money, but everyone would forget about it eventually and it wouldn't change too much.
If I had the opportunity to change one event in human history, it will be the Sosoliso Airlines crash that happened in my country 22 Oct 2005. It was so painful. Till date, it still remains the most fatal plane crash in the history of Nigeria killing 108 passengers on board the plan mostly children going home to their families including a very popular Pastor Bimbo. Only two people survived the crash. The painful part is that the cause of the crash is still unknown. It was a very painful moment for all Nigerians. So, yeah, if I had the opportunity the change or stop that awful crash, I would gladly do it without blinking
HISTORY can happen brutally, boring, and at the same time interesting, it all depends on who the people are doing. But did you know that some of the most important and most horrific events in human history are the result of small inconceivable mistakes and sometimes just accidental results.

A number of major events in history are also associated with a number of small events that began.

Here are the little things that can change the history of the world quoted from the page wonderlist.com and listverse.com

1. Penicillin was discovered by chance

Penicillin antibiotics are the first and most important antibiotics that can be effective against bacterial infections. However, the story of his discovery is also quite amazing.

It turned out that a Scottish scientist named Alexander Fleming was experimenting with staphylococcus, then he went on vacation for two weeks. Interestingly he left staphylococcus in a Petri dish.

2. Safety Glass was created accidentally

Safety laminated glass was accidentally discovered by French chemist Edouard Benedictus.

He found a safety glass after a laboratory accident when he discovered a laboratory glass was not broken into pieces after being coated with cellulose nitrate plastic. Now, safety laminated glass is used in cars and houses that have glass partitions. When he returned, he witnessed one of the most amazing events in the history of medicine. He noticed that staphylococcus was contaminated with green blue fungus from an open window, more importantly bacteria could not grow near the fungus.

3. One key lost can actually save Titanic

David Blair was a sailor of a merchant ship who was appointed White Star Line shipping company in 1912 as the second officer of the Titanic. He participated in a trial of the most luxurious ship cruise of his time.

A few days before the voyage, Blair was replaced by a more senior sailor, Henry Wilde.

In a hurry to leave, Blair intentionally carries the ship's locker locker key. Inside are binoculars, which, if used, might prevent the Titanic tragedy which killed 1,500 people. Some people suspect that the missing key will change the course of history that day. However, not everyone is sure.

Because, if indeed binoculars are vital objects, the crew can damage the locker or look for other binoculars.

Moreover, there are many theories about the end of the Titanic. Even so, many people still consider the key historical value. The object was sold in the auction in 2010 for US $ 137 thousand.

4. The biggest fire in California is the fault of a missing person

In 2003, the biggest fire in California history known as the Cedar fire burned 3,200 square kilometers of land in San Diego, causing property damage worth 27 million dollars and killing around 15 people.

The fire was actually caused by a hunter named Sergio Martinez, who got lost while hunting. He lit a fire to signal to the savior, but the unusual environmental conditions made the fire burn bigger and bigger

5. Power outages in New York

A popular myth emerged that the extinction in the US Northeast Region in 1965, which affected 30 million people, caused a spike in the birth rate which increased nine months later.

Meanwhile, many have linked the 1977 blackout in New York to the popularity of hip-hop. On July 13, 1977, most of New York City and its surroundings were affected by a power outage.

 That happened when the city nicknamed the Big Apple was affected by the fiscal crisis, experienced a severe heat wave, and was under the threat of David Berkowitz, aka Son of Sam - serial killer.

Tension also increases. As many as 31 settlements were victims of looting and vandalism. Among looters, there are many DJs and 'b-boys' who see power cuts as a golden opportunity to "acquire" new sound processing equipment.

Hip-hop has actually been around for several years. However, its development is limited, it is still limited in small communities. After a power outage, there appeared 'a thousand new DJs'.

6. Almost no East India Company (East India Company)

Robert Clive, a governor general of Bengal at the East India Company, was one of the people responsible for the establishment of an East India company.

He led the battle against French troops and came out with victory, which later proved to be the most important victory for the company. In fact, Robert Clive tried to commit suicide when he was 19 years old, but failed, and later became one of the most prominent figures in the company.

7. Napoleon barely became a Frenchman

Napoleon was a French military and political leader, famous during the French revolution, and led several successful campaigns.

Because of his outstanding achievements, brave personality, and invincible influence in the world, he remains one of the most famous and controversial figures in human history.

But none of this would have happened had he not been French, and according to historians he was hardly a Frenchman. The island that belonged to him, became the island of France three months before the birth of Napoleon.

8. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed because of misunderstood words

One of the misinterpreted words that pushed the president's decision Harry S. Truman ordered to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

When the reporter asked the Japanese Prime Minister "Kantaro Suzuki" about Potsdam's statement to give up unconditionally during World War II, he replied with the word "Mokusatsu", which means "no comments".

Unfortunately, the word has many meanings and some people translate it with "we ignore the declaration". About 10 days later the bomb was dropped.
This is the question which every living being on the earth will give a answer.
To change the history every one would try because every one have loss some thing in the history.

Having different choose but every people will try to change it and hence if i will get chance to change the history then i perfer for the loss of my best friend father

The feeling of lossing the shadow in ones life is very bad thus i would try this for him.
Because of this every person will love to change the history
The question is so fantastic that it is to change about history.changing history means changing of ancient works in to new generation work .history means what we had done or what our father of father were doing their work .

Changing os history means forgetting of ancient culture,ancient sculpture,ancient work,ancient monuments many things are involve in history of world so we cannot change the history.

If we damage the ancient monuments ,sculpture and many thing the government will tell you to pay the fine of damaging this ancient property.so changing or damaging the ancient work will be very payable to us.

History is made on the new record so in genuiene the world record of every thing is involved and that is called history.vhanging history means changing of world from ancient world to modern world and also scientist yet are working so much that they can change the world and make new history.
Honestly, history is filled with so much dreadful events that it's really hard to decide which one to prevent. The tragedy is seen everywhere in history. We've had millions of people died because of political, ethnic and even religious wars, famines have wiped out whole populations, Tsunamis, floods and earthquakes just to name a few. But these are all those events that have directly affected people's lives. Calamities have also been seen in other very important aspects of life. Rulers have burnt libraires, a treasure of human intellect and religious and ethnic fanatics have hanged open minded and free thinking scholars.

Looking at all these horrible events in the history it's very hard to decide which one is the most dreadful. I mean how can we compare a tragedy with a tragedy. So, I am sorry but I can't pick just one such tragedy and say this should be changed. But, what we all can do is prevent such things from happening in the future.

Thanks for reading!