What is Nigeria like?
I remember hearing that @surpassinggoogle supports Steemians from Nigeria, then happened to see that @julietisrael is from Nigeria. The question then dawned on me.. what is Nigeria like? I.e. Is it safe or unsafe, rich or poor and what is it like to be a popular Steemian in Nigeria?

Well first things first, surpassinggoogle is half Nigerian so it's only natural that he supports people from Nigeria. Secondly, yes, julietisrael is also a Nigerian but I don't think that has much to do with her success on steemit.

Nigeria is just like every other country, it's got it's upsides and it's down sides. It's got the rich and it's got the poor, it's got large metropolitan cities and it's also got raggedy slums. Like all countries it's both safe and unsafe and there are places where you could go to that you'd run a risk of getting rubbed just by showing your phone in broad daylight or even getting killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but more than most, there are places which are perfectly safe and you could walk around by 1am with your gadgets in hand and not be afraid of getting robbed.

Nigeria has rich people and poor people, it's got middle class, lower class and upper class. It's just like every other country and it's got it's own problems that are unique to it. It's a wonderful place that's filled with both the good the bad and the ugly. There's a lot of talent over here in Nigeria and that's probably one of the reasons why the likes of surpassinggoogle and other big fish on steemit support Nigerians.

Julietisrael is but one of many famous Nigerian steemians and they're all just like you and I. The only difference is that I guess they out in more work and they're hardwork paid off. I know quite a few famous Nigerian steemians and they're all just normal everyday people. Sure they get alot of people sucking up to them on steemit, but that's too be expected when you're famous. Nigeria is a great place, and it's steemians are proof of it.

I hope this helps

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Nigerian is an awesome country with so many amazing and interesting people. the country has so many natural resources and it's very rich but the political class are depriving the people from enjoying such wealth. This is the major problem facing Nigeria. Other than that, the country is an awesome country and the people are very very nice.

If you can find time to visit the Nigeria, you'll fall in love with the people, though you won't enjoy some of the basic amenities you enjoy in your country if you're from a developed country because the political class are squandering the country's wealth. But there are so many billionaires in Nigeria, though majority of the citizens are husslers and very hard working


Nigeria is a country in West Africa. It is borded to the North by Niger and Chad Republic's; to the West by Republic of Benin: To the East by Cameroon Republic.

Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world , with estimated population of 200 million. Nigeria is a federal republic of 36 semi autonomous states. There are three principal cities of Lagos,Portharcourt and Abuja. She is renowned for pluralism of indegineous languages spoken , about five hundred of which the most spoken are Hausa, Yoruba and Ibo. Others are Urhobo , Ibibio,, Efik, Ijaw etc.

The mainstay of the Economy is Agriculture and Petroleum Resources Export. Manufacturing is rudimentary and comatose.Energy requirements is in short supply.

The South, better developed and literate is predominantly Christianity while the North of Predominantly Moslem is less developed but politically advantaged by population advantage.