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What is Prejudice, and give me a/an scenario/example?
Give me an example or a scenario of Prejudice.

I hope to be right but prejudice, is basically when we make or create an opinion extremely closed and usually erroneous of someone or something without first giving the benefit of the doubt, judging by vanity factors and that should not be valid.

The clearest example of prejudice is undoubtedly racism, but being more specific I want to tell you that recently I saw a video on twitter where a white woman block a black man from entering her building without knowing that he also lived there, and in fact she ask him to show the keys of the apartment or some proof that in reality he was a resident of that building, the harassment of the woman came to the point of abruptly escorting the black man to the door of the apartment where he lived, only to realize that indeed he was a resident of the building.

That is no doubt that people tend to form opinions based on appearance and popular beliefs without first taking the time to analyze well the different scenarios that may be found.

You can see the video I am referring to here:



Personally I see that a prejudice is a fairly clear conclusion drawn from an insufficient number of elements. In many cases, they are based on unfounded criteria, practical "shortcuts" when the brain does not have sufficient intellectual capacity, and when one wants to reach a precise and rapid conclusion. Prejudices about people are unbearable, they cause many injustices.

About this, I remember that I created a topic in other forum that date on which we debated whether we could like someone ugly ...

And we realize that prejudices, racism ... all this is joined in a certain way.

Moreover, the most difficult for anyone is not to ignore these prejudices but to fight them.

For example, if someone you like, you will react more or less depending on what your surroundings think. And because of this, many links are aborted even before being born. You are even taught to anticipate your relationships. Basically you do not need to know a person if this person will be poorly perceived by those around you.

If you do not mind, then you will have to hide, or if you accept to cut a lot of relationships. It's harder when it comes to really close people.

So I would say that people are more prejudiced than they like to have. They know that their reputation and integration depends on their choice. Once integrated, it is necessary to agree on established rules and to leave these rules means to exclude most of the time ...

For testimonials just look around you and you will find that there is always at least one person you will never know because you know that being friends could be harmful to your other relationships.

It's unfortunate but everyone lives this because there is always a big, or an intellectual binocular or the fear that has redoubled twice etc ... (I know it's clichés but it's precisely the clichés that make the prejudices and this is true.

And thus going to know the person and finding it relatively friendly, you will still struggle against external pressure.

So yes I have lived and it is not easy to get to have to choose between this or that person. Then, even if I managed to do everything together, know that there will never be any possible agreement between his group of friends and the people we want to know but considered "feared" by the rest of the world. group...

In short, prejudice is an error in human reasoning that promotes injustice and exclusion. And if, ladies and gentlemen, one can live very well without prejudice, rely mainly on probability and not necessarily only on certainty, even if one would always make errors of reasoning. Do not naively cheat and at any price to quick conclusions, it is part of the maturity.