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Why is religion important to the society?
IMO religious activities are simply a Cult but in a good kind of way of a cult

I think the doctrines that each religion follows are very important to the society. It provides a series of rules that if people follows, it will change their outlook in life. Most of the doctrines of religions are focused on changing their ways of life that's why we can't blame people to be religious because they feel the change in their lives.

So I think its an important factor for people. It somehow guides them in following the path of being good because the teachings are focused on changing the ways of life of the people.


Religion is one in every of the ways that humans tell one another stories concerning morality, principally to raised perceive the way to act within the world. It’s associate degree ancient codex of knowledge, however is by no means that the sole attainable literature on morality. However, only if several of the tales (such as Buddha venturing out of his gilded palace to encounter real human suffering) square measure prototypic and speak to a universal human expertise, you'll be able to see its influence on lay works quite clearly.

When faith is employed properly it provides society with a thoughtful, reflective approach during which to method our actions and behavior and to debate however we should always relate to 1 and different as humans. it's through interpretation (the method of drawing out the which means in a very difficult non secular text) that we tend to request to raised ourselves. the matter, as always, comes once individuals begin taking non secular texts virtually.


hi @chuuuckie

Religion is the main pillar or pillar in carrying out life, all religious people believe in a religious school of faith in themselves.

Faith in the basic sense is a belief in something that is believed to be true and reasonable.

An example is who created this world and who created this whole universe. Let us read various studies conducted by experts and this has been expressed by many scientific experts throughout the world.

We all have been at the end of this world, and this is not a hoax news like what happened lately. This earth is old and will end soon, the real evidence is when Indonesia was hit by a devastating natural disaster last month. tsunamis and earthquakes that claimed many victims and the earth shifted were God's strength that humans could not design.

Until one day, you will find a statement that the sun is no longer open from the east but will rise from the west. That is what is called the apocalypse.

Then believe that with you believing in religion, then you will find all the secrets of life in the teachings of the religion that you believe in.

Have a nice day.


The significance of religion on an individual, societal, and national level fluctuates extraordinarily, yet there are a couple of reasons why it stays critical generally speaking. Individuals regularly ache for a superior comprehension of the world and religion tries to answer our inquiries and allot reason to give life more noteworthy importance. Religion can likewise tie together social orders and countries; despite the fact that, religion has additionally determined clash among individuals and nations simply as it can unite those.


Because faith united thanks to catch up with to God and surrender yourself and solely concern the Almighty God

As an ethical supply and steering for the reality for humans to continuously act within the truth and avoid crime in order that life is usually peaceful and peaceful, each physically and mentally and within the world and also the hereafter.

As religious steering and soothe and reconcile the human soul, each throughout joy and sorrow


Religion makes us value one another and create order in the society by instilling love in our hearts for one another and teaching us tolerance. Religion makes man understands that evil or wickedness towards fellow men is wrong and puts in us the consciousness to do good.

Our society and world would be chaotic without religion. I. Know that some religion seem to preach hate and violence against those that don't share same faith with and they are causing havoc in the society, but everyone true religion fosters peace, love and unity among men. So religion helps us live as one and tolerate one another


I have always thought that they are important because of the "Punishment" that is granted for breaking the rules.

By this I mean that, when a person believes in a religion they for obvious reasons want the best, they want to go to heaven, paradise, for that they must be good people, they must comply with the rules that each religion has.

I think they are important because people have something to be good at, how do you explain to people that you should be good just because it's better for everyone? In religions, "punishments" are used, such as going to hell so that people have that little desire to go to heaven and live today as good people.

I also believe that sometimes religions help us to believe in ourselves, people need something to believe in or to follow, that's why presidents, kings and queens exist.


I think religion has played a fundamental role in the development of the human race, both positively and negatively.

However, its relevance in our present-day world is questioned every day. People are moving away from religion to science. Although religion cannot fill the grab of knowledge created by the advancement of science, it plays other roles.

The question of what's right or wrong cannot be answered by science because it is a subjective thing. However, religion fills the gap here. It ensures that humanity doesn't lose its morality. I think religion still has a place in our modern world. All we need do is follow the best practices and abolish the rest--yes we can pick and choose. If it doesn't nourish the human soul or make way for a better world then it should be scrapped .


 In my point of view, a religion is most important for every culture. A religion makes a community strong by their society. Religion can make rules for their country to keeping strong and powerful. If we all Muslim follow all the rules regarding our religion than I'm pretty much sure our society is a happiest and a successful to other countries.

Well, we should maintain our religion by obeying all rules which makes you a good manner personality, because a person can judge by their religion and culture. Being a Muslim our responsibility o follow our religion by truly our hearts. Manpower is a religion that makes man perfect.

If our country follows the religion, it will be definitely a successful society. So a religion is the heart of a good society. We should all of agree to this point of view.