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Was it Ethical to bring a Transgender/Transexual person in Miss Universe?
This question is slightly sensitive, and I would like to know what are your thoughts about bringing Angela Ponce Ms Universe Spain a Transgender. He even quoted, "I dont have to win the Miss Universe, I just have to be here."

This is really bad from my point of view. I don't think bringing transgender individuals into the miss universe beauty pageant should be encouraged because it feels more like we are supporting those transgendered individuals for their actions. This may lead to more people taking part in such act if the situation is not strictly curbed.

I do find it unpleasant when people tend to change their natural best state into something else. We are created the best way by the best of all creatures then why should we decide to change our natural state for no genuine reason?

The act of transgender may start to becoming ubiquitous if we are not careful. We may have large amounts of guys engaging in the act gender changes. The sad fact about this is that there will always be a repercussions for anyone who intends to change his or her natural state given to him or her by God. If we engage in this type of habit, it simply means God didn't created us well despite the fact God is the best of all creators.

In conclusion, I think the official team shouldn't allow transgender people to take part in pageant since it is for full and complete women and not for artificial made women.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


From my view, a person who is not in the same category should not be competing in the same category. For the miss universe, I find it a bit odd when all the other miss universe are actually female and there is one male (technically speaking if everything checked) competing in the same category. Then why not we make it a mix gender miss universe.

It's not really ethical to some point as it isn't fair. Luckily it is Miss Phillipines who was crowned Miss Universe or else it would be something really strange for a man to win a title that is dominated by women for all these decades since its creation. If more and more transgender are allowed into the competition, why not bring in some robots to compete too. The world is a nicer place nowadays with more allowance towards others of different gender and race.

But looking at it from another angle, it is a form a giving the other gender a chance to compete. Imagine by next year, after massive complains from the public then no longer any transgender could become miss universe again. Then it would be the end of it all.

I won't agree with any miss universe that comes in the next competition where Miss Universe is a man again. It would spoil the whole Miss Universe title. Why not just have a sub category for transgender instead.


This is highly unethical. The Organizers of Miss Universe Would have specified that it is a competition for Misses, meaning young women!! The simplest definition of a woman does not include "half male and half female", which is a transgender/transexual. It may be necessary that a separate pageant be organised for the hermaphrodites.