Is it really necessary to Answer long Constructive post from a Question at Musing?
So, Ive been asking already a few questions, and honestly I dont really care about the upvotes that I will get from musing, just pure simple fun, and just now Ive been receiving some answers with a long constructive post. Do you think it is necessary to answer long posts rather than short, simple and to the point answer?

Not at all necessary.

Whether the answer is short or long, all depends upon the question asked.

Suppose someone has asked you, what is 3+3=? That is simply 6 and you need not have to write a paragraph on that.

If someone has asked for the solution of a quadratic equation/integral calculus, it may not be in a single line and it may involve some steps to answer that.

Similarly if someone has asked you about procedure to transfer steem from  steemit account to bittrex or binance. then it may need some detailed steps along with some screenshot of illustration to explain the things how it happens and make the things understandable and for that the answer may get moderately lengthy.

So it all depends.

But what is happening here is that, since musing is a platform where you are getting paid for answering to questions, people are having a tendency to deliberately make it lengthy, which in my honest opinion is not at all required. 

Thank you and Have a great day.


This is entirely dependent upon context , in my opinion.  Examples:

  • What color is the sky?


  • Why is the sky blue?

The sky is blue because of molecules scattering blue light more efficiently for us to see, as oppose to , say red molecules. The blue molecules work in shorter wavelengths than other colors, making it more easily distributed. This is why the sky appears to be blue. 

Both of these answers are relatively adequate (with the second shortened a bit). I show this example, because it isn't always necessary to write huge lengthy responses. I believe people do this because they believe it will give them an edge in musings determining's for upvotes. In some cases, the assumption is accurate, in most, it is not.


According to my so far experience on musing I can say with full confidence that if you answer correctly, understanding the core purpose of the question, your answer will get a musing upvote. This answer could be long and could be short ... that's solely on the nature of the question, how much it needs to be explained.


Yes, the more effort you put in the better upvote you may get. Also not all comments get upvotes so more effort and propper grammar help there also. Like this response will probably not get much. lol


I don't think so. If I was curating I would like a simple answer that actually answered the question.

Some questions are more complicated and take longer to answer but generally the shorter the better.


 Hi chuuck,

Actually,  when we talk about regular questions, if it is related to STEM, it  would be better if it explained what the question meant.

However,  if the question is only "general" such as life, steem, steemit, love,  food, lifestyle, etc., then questions that are too long are not needed.

The most important of these are:
The question must be easily understood by all musin.io members. 


Answering long constructive post in musing is quite necessary because it seems musing pay great attention to the length of a post. I see people posting lengthy reply getting higher up votes than people whose replies are concise and straight to the point.

Though personally, I don't think lengthy response should be a yardstick for giving higher up vote as it currently is. Most people are just beating around questions and repeating phrase so as to make their reply long. This will not help the platform on the long run. Not all questions requires epistles to be written on them. Some just need straight answer but musing may not up vote your answer if you just answer directly without making it long


I don't think so! 

AS far as answering the question concern , if you answer the question in one line,  and the person who have asked the question, understand the answer you have given, Then one line best! 

But sometime we need to add explanation for the better understanding of the answer we are giving.


It really depends on the question. Some questions only require short, and specific answers and others require alot more research. It is oftenfarily easy to guess what the author of the question is after by how the question is written - sometimes they are after debate, and sometimes just after a specific answer - I think part of the skill is figuring out what the questioner wants and crafting your answer accordingly.

I think ALOT of the longer answers on her are not needed, and just seeking a big upvote from Musing. I hope the curators recognise this and are able to spot the genuine good answers from those just writing 'words'.