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How to get rid of inferiority complex?

Inferiority complex is a very unhealthy psychological problem which should be watched, especially in youths.

It is a feeling of being worth less than yourself.

Few tips to overcome inferiority complex.

1. Tell yourself you're beautiful, you're capable of doing a lot of things you initially thought you cannot do.

2. Do away with trying to please others and displeasing yourself.

3. Stop bothering your mind or thinking about what other people will say or think about you.

4. Be yourself wherever you are.

5. Avoid companionship that make you feel less of yourself.

I hope this few tips could help someone.


The simple tips I do know about overcoming inferiority complex are

•Be with those who appreciates you and not those who takes you for granted

•Don't look down at yourself. Nobody is better than you

•Always believe in you and don't displease yourself for others

•Go for what you want and work with confidence


Mostly, lack of confidence is the main reason behind inferiority complex, if foul play is not involved to deliberately make someone realized to be inferior with bad behavior, cleverness, wrong criticism, exploit weaknesses, etc etc.

To overcome or to get rid of inferiority complex.

  • Try to learn new things.
  • Try to understand old learnt ones thoroughly.
  • Come across different behaviors and analyse them, 
  • List down weaknesses and try to eliminate them little by little.
  • Try to understand the difference between bullying and real positive criticism. Ignore negative criticism and remember the points of positive criticism and try to get better.

There are many more points, which one come to know with time and experience with time.



This is the hardest question that i can t answer. Because your are not the only one on earth but you can try to make peace with this. Try to be happy with this. Believe me there is both more higher and more lower levels in life.


There's several small step's that you can do, but basically, juts trust yourself. Do not mind with anything people said about you, or about being persistent to try something. and here's several thing's you can try :


1. Learn a new skill.

A powerful method on how to get rid of inferiority complex is by learning a new skill. It might be painting, cooking or even writing stories!

You can do this in private or with a class of people you have never met before. Being in a private or a new environment will help you get rid of all the what-ifs plaguing your mind.

2. Learn to enjoy life.

Another great way on how to get rid of inferiority complex is by enjoying life. When you have an inferiority complex, you’re constantly battling with the feeling of self-consciousness.

In order to squash that no good fear, focus more on the enjoyment part. Have fun and laugh, or smile as you pursue new activities. This will greatly help you become more comfortable in your own skin.

3. Have a positive role model.

Having a role model is yet another effective technique on how to get rid of inferiority complex. By wanting to become that person, you’re training yourself to shed some of your old, insecure skin and don a more confident and positive outlook.