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Do you return favours?

I do.

Courteously, it is the right thing to do although, quite a number of people do not do you a favour just so you can payback. Notwithstanding, a good number of people still expect pay back for their favours.

Personally, I don't expect repayment of favour. I do you a favour cos I'm able and willing to.


Yes I do

If I once helped by someone when in need then I normally look for a way to help such a person and I won't hesitate to help when the person asks of a help from me

It's good to straight hands to others in difficult especially those who have been a blessing to us in the best q


I try to. Sometimes this isn't possible for many reasons, but we should try to.

Have a nice day.


Yes. Primarily because I believe that when someone does a favor for you, it is good that you also return the favor to them when they need it. Give credit when it is due. There are people who do not expect to return the favor but when you do, I am sure they will be glad that you do it.

Out of pure kindness, I return favors to make the other person happy but only when I have the capability of doing so. An example for this would be, during college I have a roommate who is very good in drafting using a certain software. If there are instances that I need to have drafts with different structures done in 3D, I ask for her help and she would be very glad to do it. I, as an engineering student during that time was very good in mathematical subjects. So when she has troubles with her math subjects, I give time to teach her the techniques I learned. 

I think returning favors is not necessary but it would be better if you do so to maintain good relationships with others. Great question and I hope my answer helps!


I believe in give and take, so my answer is yes. Or maybe you can do or show kindness not to the same person who had shown favors to you but to the majority. Showing kindness is contagious. If someone showed kindness to you, you' ll do the same thing to others because it came from your heart, and it's not forced.


I always do favors without needing to receive anything more than a simple thank you, even if I do 10 favors to a person I prefer to avoid asking a favor since I feel that I force that person to help me out of obligation, but I always return the favors.


I consider myself a decent kinda Guy so I always try to return any favors that I have taken from someone. I like to not take any favors from someone but in this Time period, you do need friends who are willing to do you a Solid.

Personally, I would like to help each other without keeping scores of who did what for the other that would be the best option but sometimes this also works badly for someone so Returning favors is a nice Policy that I stand by. But then again the world we live in is not Picture Perfect and there are a lot of ungrateful people who would love to remind you that you Owe them but will never Return your Favors.

The start should be with choosing the right people to hang out with who will be willing to help you out in your Bad Times and you will be willing to help them when they go through a rough patch.


first off, returning favors is a sign of Nobility. Sometimes returning favors might just seem as the right thing to do since you were in the same position once before but most people don't really buy the idea of returning a favor. However on my end as a person, i think of it as something that is right and Noble so i do return favors.