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Musing is a place we can derive knowledge. What's your take on this?

According to my opinion, Musing is the place were users can get lot's of benefit, there are many ways by through which musing helps us a lot. We can ask anything we want to real users and also can take feedback from that user. We can make money through this platform by sharing our knowledge. It doesn't matter whatever type of knowledge we are having we need to share with users and we will get reward for it. Musing helps us in making our steemit profile reputed by it's higher power upvotes. 

Knowledge is the best part were i like to work in this platform. It has given me lot's of knowledge regarding cryptocurrency and outside world too. I have also improved my English writing through this platform and made my English better that in past. So i feel musing has help us a lot and it will do the same in future.


Musing is the place from I accumulate more knowledge on Crypto recently. I also used to read other life related interesting question and answers. So for me, yes musing is the place for knowledge sharing.

People can easily get answers on some critical or technical question which they could not find on the web or it takes time to get the answer from other sites. So in terms of this musing surely become the place for driving knowledge.

When I go through others answer on some life or relationship related questions, some times I wonder how differently they thought and solve any problem. Going through their answer is surely like collecting information for me.

There are thousand of questions asked on crypto , steemit and so. I found it very useful as from other interfaces it is a tough task to find this type of information. And here in musing.io you can get answers from knowledgeable persons which can not be possible on steemit itself.  And sharing our idea and thought is also helping us to grow our own knowledge on that matter as we also have to do some research to write the answer.

I think in future it will be a huge place to share and generate ideas and knowledge.  


Amazing question. Musing is an emerging "best" interface on the Steem platform and it redefines "innovation for interaction". I see Musing as a best thing ever happening to the social network paradigm and am glad its hinged to the Steem blockchain. 

With Musing, one is availed the platform to learn profusely while getting rewards.

With musing, one can get instant help for challenges by simply asking questions and getting sincere answers.

With musing , a better interaction spirit can be injected into social network users.

With musing, the education sector can have a boost in value added debates and discourse.