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How do you know that a friend of opposite sex is your life partner?

For me it was seeing myself in @emaferice as if there was something about her that was identical or somehow the same in me.

Personality wise, we are near opposites, but there were certain aspects of her that I could relate to, and it was in such a way that she reminded me of myself.

When I saw her in that way, in a way that I could relate to very well, I knew I could make a big commitment.

I followed that "knowing" and eventually knew for sure that I could make a lifelong commitment. So I asked her if she wanted to get married, and she said Yes.

We got married in 2010, and after seven years of marriage, we experienced the most significant event of our lives - the birth of our son in 2017.

March 5, 2019 will be our 9 Year Anniversary, and I look forward to sharing a lifetime with @emaferice and @zaclucasrice.

I hope our story gives you insight and helps you find a life partner . . . The "knowing" must be mutual otherwise you might be "sure" of something that won't lead to a lifelong relationship.

All the best,

~ @chrisrice

- Photo of Wedding https://pixabay.com/photo-698501/


Its the inner feeling. You will get to know and feel the sense when you attach with a person who will be your future life partner. 

We may have attachment with different people in our life. But finding the right one is tough. But I thing it is the 'understanding' between each other which leads us to feel that this is the right person. 

You may notice that, sometimes we find a person who have a great feeling for us, matches with our thought and can be a great partner for us. But you may feel something missing inside you. Its the inner feeling which telling you what is right or wrong for you. You will know when its time. 

If you feel certain feeling for a opposite one, ask yourself what is going on your mind. You will get the answer and it will lead you to the path to choose if he/she is the one or not. You don't have to search around, you will feel it when you get attached with someone like this. That's what I believe.