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How do we manage depression?

As a matter of fact this a stage where most of us kind of go through in our life. And to be honest going through those stages are indeed very hard and difficult as well.

While few things that could be done in order to make out of this kind of situation which are 

  • Dont Stay Alone

While depression is a very hard feeling that can make a person go deep down and regret their life if stayed alone and while when a person gets to fall into the stage of depression than it really will drag you much more into darkness. Be more social and active with others so that the loneliness does not really affects you in any way and be happy as well.

  • Make a Routine 

Well if you get to make a routine and work within that period than you will always keep yourself busy and by going through the routine. Make up a list that you do and make a time frame for that so that you can abide by for few days so that you fall into a nice schedule.

  • Sleep Well

While this a common thing that happens to most of the people that falls onto depression they have sleeping disorder and the whole routine of sleeping and being awake changes. So it effects the health very badly and resulting very bad situation for thyself. So sleep adequately and keep your time of sleep in schedule. 

Last but not the least

Always Stay Positive, whatever the situation have happened this happened for a purpose and it has done its thing as it taught you who you are and what you are capable of and made you learn something from that situation. So instead of going more into depression be positive and make something better with your life and always keep your life going with positive attitude.

Give a Meaning to Your Life !!


The Treatment of depression do actually consists of antidepressants...

The common form of treatment is usually the medication, the talk therapy or an actual combination of the two of them.. however research have actually suggested that these form of treatments below may really normalise the brain changes which are really associated with depression.


1.....the Cognitive behavioral therapy

This is a kind of talk therapy which are focused on actually modifying different negative thoughts,and behaviours and also emotional responses which are often associated with the psychological distress.

2...Behaviour therapy

This is a therapy which is actually focused on really modifying the harmful behaviours which are often associated with some form of psychological distress....


Psychotherapy is the actual Treatment of the mental or the behavioural disorders via talk therapy.


1.....A selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI)

which is an actual medication which often Eases many symptoms of a depressed mood and also anxiety...


this medication effectively Prevents or effectively relieves the depression and also help to elevates mood....


this medication do effectively Relieve anxiety and also tension. the medication can also help to promote sleep.


this helps to Reduce or actually improve the several symptoms of the certain psychiatric conditions...