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How can one use Steem power on steemit to earn more steem?

It is probably one of the best ways to earn here in Steem blockchain ~ Steem Power-ing up!

There are more than one ways to make more Steem through your Steem power, let me give you the most obvious and community acceptable ways of earning it:

1. Rewards through "curation"

- This is probably the most reputable action to be done in Steemit platform. By upvoting contents that you enjoy, you will receive curation rewards in return. At the moment, the distribution of rewards go this way: 75% for the author & 25% go to curators. It may not sound a lot but it will actually encourage content curators to produce content consistently and improve the quality over time, so while enjoying viewing contents you are being rewarded as well.

2. Delegate your stake

- If you think that your free time doesn't allow you to maximize your curation work, the best option is to delegate it to a Dapp or community accounts that are distributing curation rewards to its delegators. There are many Dapps that offer either a daily or weekly curation rewards distribution, these are my personal suggestions: actifit, dpoll, & utopian.

3. Lastly, sell your votes

- Probably the least reputable among my suggestions a few months ago but due to the regulations being imposed about it, I think it's already accepted by the community as well. Why sell your votes? It's the same reason as my second suggestion, there isn't enough time for a person to maximize the curation work / rewards. Currently, there are two options to where you will sell your vote: Smartsteem & Minnowbooster. Both of them have "whitelist" program where in you can actually choose to activate so to make sure your upvote will go to the ones that are considered by Smartsteem / Minnowbooster as good quality content creators.

To sum it up, holding Steem power is the best thing to do in Steemit platform. And by doing so, you are actually protecting your stake in a safe way. And while doing so, you will also have a way to earn either liquid Steem/SBD by delegating SP or selling your vote and earn more Steem power through your curation work.




Delegating to bid bots for profit.


There are so many ways you can use your Steem power to earn on Steemit.

The most common one is by upvoting other people's content. When you upvote people's work, you get to have a share in the Steem allocated to them and after the post pays out, you receive a small portion or Steem Power.

Another way to earn with your Steem Power is actually by selling your votes to Smart Steem. SmartSteem pays you for using your votes. They pay in Steem and SBD and you can customize your settings to your liking.


Well when it comes to earning by the usage of SP it does requires quite a lot of SP to get support or get Steem. While with decent amount of SteemPower you can get a sufficient amount of Steem by using your SP.

  • Upvote Contents of users who are giving good contents and they sure will have a nice following in their post and with the new rule implemented in the HF try upvoting before 15 mins and within 13 minutes of the post time by this you will be able to get much more curation reward by upvoting.
  • Give someone your Sp in rent. so that you will get liquid Steem/SBD depending on the deal that you make. It is safe and sound as well.
  • As the usage of bid bots have got much less compared to before another way is to delegate S to bid bots and in return you will get a ROI depending on the amint that you are delegating.
  • Delegate to Steem-UA and get upvotes in return (depends on the amount of Sp that you delegate )

While this are the few effective ways to earn Steem by the proper usage of SP.


I don't have much SP's but I tried to look on other Steemian's account and I saw some ways that they do with their Steem Power to earn STEEM.

First is to delegate your Steem Power. Whether on SMT Projects/DApps(you can earn SMT's at the same time) or to some bots.

Second is thru vote-selling, I heard minnowbooster offers that service, but you will earn SBD not STEEM. For sure there are other programs that offers the same.

Lastly, thru Curation Rewards. That is if you know the proper timing of voting. Then you can use Steemauto. But this one depends on how much SP you have. If I have much for sure I will earn some. Then of course, you can Power Down your SP earnings thru curation to convert it to liquid STEEM.


@Citimillz, Some do self upvote and reiceve both Author Rewards and Curation Rewards, and more Steem Power you have then you can earn more curation rewards means more addtion to to Steem Power when you upvote more and more content. Steemians who have good amount of Steem Power, they earn Steem by delegating Steem Power. Stay blessed. 🙂


There are a few ways of using steem power to earn more steem. First is curation. When you upvote hunts, comments, then you get a share of the rewards the post earns. Second way, if you have large SP, is to self upvote. Its not looked at positively by many but it is a way to give yourself a payout from your existing sp. And at 2 cents payout you are surely going to earn sp. Third way is to delegate your sp to earn a return. Fourth, kind of similar to third is to sell your vote or lend your sp on something like minnowbooster. Dont know any other way.


1. By simply holding it. Steem Power is not STEEM under the hood. It's Vests. The price of Vests in STEEM goes up all the time. By simply holding Steem Power you gain 1.9% annually.

2. By creating posts and comments and self-upvoting.

3. Upvoting posts and comments and earning curation rewards. 25% of STEEM inflation is reserved for curators. 

4. Having other Steemians who you support support you back.

5. Delegating to bid bots, apps or other projects and earning delegation fees.


There is actually quite a few different ways you can put your Steem Power to good use and earn some extra Steem along the way. A few of the options include:

1. Delegate your Steem Power to a promotion service

2. Delegate your Steem Power  to an app

3. Delegate your Steem Power via Minnow Booster

3. Sell your vote

4. Curate

There's probably more, but off the top of my head these are a few common methods. 

To provide some additional information on those items, sites such as Smart Steem will provide you with ROI when you delegate Steem to their promotion services, similarly you can also sell you vote Smart Steem and receive liquid Steem or SBD in return. Sites such as Minnow Booster allow you fill delegation requests for fixed returned based on the total number of Steem you delegate. 

If you didn't know already you can also earn Steem by using your Steem Power to curate great content on the platform. 

Me personally, I use a combination of selling my vote via SmartSteem when I have spare voting power and curating posts made to Utopian. Out of all the options, this is most rewarding intrinsically and if you have time I would recommend that you try this too. 

Although I don't know the exact ROI for all of these services, bit at a a fair guess I believe the delegation of Steem Power to promotions services would be the most profitable, however I know some people don't like support those kind of services, so that's up to you.