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What can you say about an employee insulting the boss at the office?

Then he probably wants to lose his job.

There are only two major reasons an employee can get away with insulting his boss at work.

One, he knows about the boss's secrets that if spilled, could get the boss in trouble and hence, is using that as a leverage to insult him, or perhaps, as a lady, the boss must have had sex with her and she probably has it recorded and could blackmail him with it.

Two, the company is nothing without the employee. In the sense that the employee is very knowledgeable and as well vast in the workings of the company. If he is let go, it might take a negative toll on the company.

Other reasons falls into one of these two categories, either a blackmail or the employee is an asset, other than that, an employee would find it really difficult to insult his boss to his face except he wants to lose his job.


They must have some BALLS... 😂


In principle, I disagree that anyone shouts at another in public and less in an office, except if in case of hierarchy or position, the one shouting is below the assaulted. From there, for example, you can see badly a son screaming at his father, or a young man screaming at an adult. 

If an employee shouts at his boss, I want to think he has done it because he has lost his patience, he has counted to 100 and yet the water has passed the glass. I want to believe that this person has already looked for another job, because he will surely be thrown out of it, or that the boss is so friendly that he can forgive such aggression. I hope that if he has shouted at him, it is not because of personal matters, but because of work, that the environment will support him and see in him a hero and not a lack of respect or ungratefulness.

As I said at the beginning, any type of aggression must be reviewed first, weighed to see the pros and cons. We cannot act by instinct, since the only ones who act viscerally are the animals who do not think about the consequences of their actions. So if after looking and studying the consequences of your actions, you are willing to assume them and yell at your boss, the only thing I can think is that person is very brave, because brave is not the one who throws the stone, brave is the one who stays to see what punishment has for having thrown the stone. 


Maybe there was a dispute of some sort and the employee had a reason to do what he did. Insults are not exactly the best way to communicate, but who knows what caused that row in ghe first place.


If you did it in public it must be that you are leaving or you want to be fired, you have to see the reasons why you are doing this, although there is no justification for the verbal or physical violence, there are people who can not be contained in moments of anger (unfortunately).

If I tell you in private and it depends on your relationship with him and your boss, being that if you have good relationship with both are in the middle, the idea would be to distance yourself from these situations as soon as possible so you do not get involved In something that you do not want, if you are wrong in your opinion and you are interested, you could make him think about it.


It's disrespectful even when the employee is in the right. No matter how right you are, once you start insulting anyone, that makes the message wrong. An insult is an insult. It does harm than good and it does no good at all. Employees should know their place in the hierarchy and observe proper decorum when communicating in the workplace. There are policies in place to settle disputes professionally rather than resort to insults. 


For disgusting working conditions its normal nothing to say.

Life is mutual; both pain and pleasure.

Employee doesn't mean a slave but boss means a leader.


Basically, there's not gonna be any insulting nor bullying at the office, if everything going well. There are two reason, why someone can get insult or bullying at the office.

  1. The Employee is out character, in here I'm talking about employees who have no manners, and work as they please, of course this has an effect on respect for Boss. Because without respect for others, and added with bad attitude, insulting can happen to anyone.
  2. Boss is an A-hole, Of course there are many in this world, spread bosses with different behaviors, and the most annoying one is the boss who behaves as they please, and let me be more detailed about what kind of unpleasant things a boss has that can make their workers insult them :
  • The Passive aggressive Personality, Passive aggressiveness is a strategy used when a person basically isn’t able to confront issues directly so instead will use indirect means of criticizing you. It could be in the form of comments or actions that make you question yourself or cause you to make mistakes.
  • Manipulative Personality, Imagine a boss that can manipulate you to work like 24 hours per day
  • Unfocused Boss, type of boss that didn't have a clear order, so when you're doing something that exactly right, but because of his lack of focus, then it turn up into some mistake
  • Micro-Manager Boss,  this type of supervisor will check in with you every 5-15 minutes to see how you are progressing. You know you are in trouble when the boss positions your desk or cubicle as close to their office as possible.
  •  The put-down boss, and the best approach for this one is to make sure you do not work for someone like this. 

That employee must have another job planned, as after an action like that, he can't expect anything good. I understand in some cases injustice is done to people who don't deserve it but insulting the boss is not the way you take care of things.