What is your best means of deriving information/news and why?

My best means of deriving information or news is from the television (CNN) channel to be precise. The reason I rely on the news I get from this channel is because as a standard channel, you do not hear false news from the channel so every piece of information you hear from the channel must have been thoroughly accessed before being Aired.

There are means whereby we keep on getting fake news from especially from the social media which is not good because most times fake news can give us a bad perception about someone.

Most people use social media to attack their enemies by dropping a fake news about them sometimes with Photoshopped pictures, once this pictures are shared the news goes viral.

If I want to know about the things happening in the world I will go for CNN channel but if I want to know about the things happening around me I will go for state news or network news. So I prefer getting information from the television than from any other source.