What is your favorite sport?

For me my favourite sport now are those sports that are more of individual in nature rather than those which are in groups. I enjoy going to the gym nowadays and doing home workouts and also jogging. 

When I was younger, I used to love to play team sports like basketball, rugby and etc. Most of my friends have grown physically not capable of playing any of the sports anymore. They have become more of parents. For me, I like jogging as it is something which is going to be there for the rest of my life. 

I have jogged more than 2700 km so far as recorded on my nike plus app and hope that one day I can reach about 20000 km some day. It's quite fun to go on a jog although It feels tough at many occasions and usually I jog at around 7 km on average to 10 km per time I get my jog. I don't jog everyday as it would reduce alot of my weight and muscle mass which I intend to keep to not have that joggers body. I am active at the gym too. Lifting weights for more than 10 years. It has been great to still be able to lift weights everyday.

The pain and soreness of the muscles are what drives me to go to the gym and also since I have made it a habit to workout all the time, it becomes somewhat of a habit that I can't miss and gym sessions are like eating and daily routine sessions. I feel good too to still look at least  presentable to an extend. There is also the muscle and mind connection which is one of the more important things that doing sports trains our brain to do. 

I love sports and it will be part of my life till the day I can't physically do it anymore. 


KICKINGBALL! That's my favorite sport. It's a new sport that allows you to actively participate in at least 3 pre-sport games, where you apply the skills of soccer, bowling and some rules and actions of baseball, complying with the rules of the game. Each team will be composed of 10 players, whose goal is to score as many runs as possible according to the rules.

The game consists of kicking a ball and rolling it around the valid area of the field and going around the bases looking to reach as many as possible until you turn the base from where it kicked (Home Plate) and get to score the both known as "Race", while the players who are on the field, known as "Defenders", look for the ball kicked to eliminate the player who kicked it, before it reaches one of the bases first or gets to score the race. At the end of the game, the winning team will be the one that has scored the most runs.

I play it a lot in my school, and in my free time, it's a good way to release stress and have a good time with my friends.


I play badminton quite often in the past, but now my team got lots of work so we don't play anymore. In my opinion, badminton is a fast-pace sport that players need to combine both strength, agility and accuracy to score. 


I had enjoyed practicing martial arts, the body work aspect for a particular purpose had attracted me. To sharpen one's reflexes, to learn new movements, to master oneself, to anticipate and ... to let go of the rage that one can have at the bottom of the belly is good.

Currently, the most practical sport for me and the most accessible is the work-out. So I practice it in my own way, with a lot of stretches from my martial arts training (and contemporary dance, but I was really bad we'll do as if I did not say anything). I find the pleasure of working my body as I work my mind, the satisfaction of seeing it change, to have a concrete grip on it. I find my thighs thinner and tonic, it's good fun.

I hate running to run. What I like least about swimming are all the intermediate stages between the decision to swim and when you put your bottom in the water. The hike I like, but to practice it now, I would need a baby carrier, and models adapted to my son weigh a third of my weight. He is still too small to follow me on the great trails and climbs, and I feel his thirteen pounds.

The other sport I love, talking about my son, is an ersatz acrobatic rock that we both dance. Do not worry: I am the carrier, not him. Go on the shoulder, I turn, I catch him, he throws himself back while standing on me with his legs, I bend, he puts his hands on the ground ... We can play this several times a day, it's good for trust and complicity and I can tell you that it makes ALL the muscles of the body work.


@Citimillz, I am really passionate about the Athletics and Football. I was an athlete but now running and sprinting for the fitness, and i really love to play football and for sure when i play it, it gives the essence of Intense Fitness.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


My favorite sport is volley ball.

I often spend my free time playing volley ball. It will reduce my stress with my work in the office. Furthermore, playing volley ball is very fun, we can do a smash as hard as possible and this sport can make our bones stronger.