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Which tags can you recommend for someone who needs good upvotes on his/her posts here on steemit?

Don't go hunting for votes as that doesn't work. It all depends on what you are writing about. For example if you are writing about governments and the press you could tag information war. There is no guarantees of votes though.

Use tags that relate to your article and people will find it hopefully. It is better to grow your following than to chase up votes.

There is no shortcuts on here and it takes time if you end up using tags incorrectly you could possibly get flagged for abuse. It's not worth it. Just carry on writing normally and you will grow eventually. Consistency wins the day.


All the best up-votes come when you actually write, or create quality content related to the tag you wanna use.

For news, politics, and conspiracy, use #informationwar

If you're an artist of any sort, consider using dapp nTopaz.

Look into the content creation guidelines for Utopian.io and SteemSTEM, maybe you find something for yourself.

Even something as simple as uploading your video to dtube instead just pasting Youtube link can get you up-votes.

I just strongly encourage you, quality content will get quality votes.

Trash content will get trash dust votes.


There is no such outright tag for every kind of post. There are number of tags and the use of a particular tag depends upon the content you are producing. Because the idea of a particular tag is to direct your content to a particular category of audience/reader/follower who wish to read your article. For example, if you are writing on science related topic there is #steemstem which is community based and curates topics related to science, technology, engineering, mathematics.

If you are posting your professional photography or photography related to your trip, then you can use #travel #photography. If you are writing something about life you can use #life and reach the targeted people who have general interest in such tags.

Now coming to reward or upvote to your content. It is true that using a tag will direct your topic to reach the desired audience but how much can you get in terms of upvotes can not be guaranteed and may not be consistent every time and it all depends upon how curators will have their view on your post. However from the best of my experience if you are using #steemstem for science, technology, engg and math topic and if your article is good you are likely to be curated by the steemstem community for sure and many are getting curated and they are very professional also. There are many other tags like #ulogs #wafrica #busy #utopin-io #untalented #ocd etc and with these tags you can get some upvotes but do not expect something huge but #utopian-io and #steemstem will be huge and significant if you qualify their guidelines and produce best content.

if you love vlogging then #dtube is another option for you.

Thank you and Have a great day.


That depends on the content. Tags have to match content, otherwise it's called abuse. You can't post about sports and use crypto as tag. 

I'm pretty sure if that someone has good quality content and engage with the community, will get upvotes in time. It's not easy at the beginning, you have to get noticed and you can only do that by making friends, commenting, engaging, but it can be done.

If the person what's the most popular tag, that's life as it turns out. If the user can post meaningful content about life, than it should be fine. 


I suggest him/her to give tags according to his/her post topic.  He/She should post an interesting and original post that have related with trending tags such as: life, photography, steemit, bitcoin, art, cryptocurrency, travel, etc.

He should post with his skill or hobby. Writing will be fun if we love to write something that we like.


If you use Busy.org, I recommend using the "busy" tag, because you will get upvotes from them. I mean either @busy.org or @busy.pay. Nowadays I am getting upvotes from @busy.pay, but I also received upvotes from @busy.org in the past. I think you can get 2 upvotes per day (1 per 12 hours) from them, if you use the "busy" tag on Busy.org. As I know, the value of the upvote you receive from them is depending on the amount of Steem Power of your followers.

The value of the upvotes I receive from them nowadays is around $0.20-$0.30, which is not much, but more than nothing, and I am really happy for it. I really appreciate it. My main Steemit income comes from their upvotes.

You can do a different thing other than using tags to get "free upvotes". I am using the free upvote service of Minnow Support Project. You can find them on Discord on the "Peace, Abundance, Liberty" channel. Check the "#upvote" room on that channel. You don't need to use specific tags to do this, but you need to register (if you didn't registered already) on Discord, and you have to register your Steemit username with your Discord profile. Once you have done this in the #registration room, you can request free upvotes in the previously (above) mentioned "#upvote" room. Nowadays you can request an upvote every 30 hours. I say "nowadays", because this time limit was 12 hours earlier. I am nowadays getting around $0.10 per upvote with their upvotes.

I don't know what you mean by "good upvotes", but no matter how much I will get with these methods, I am always happy and I feel grateful for their generosity. Hopefully you will feel the same about them. They are giving free upvotes to you after all.

You probably won't become rich by these methods, but they are certainly helping you earn something on the Steem blockchain. I hope that my answer is useful/helpful. Thank you for reading!


You can use the top tags to drag more attentions.

However, make sure you don't spam.


the tag that i will recommend to a person on steemit is that they should use the tag related to the kind of contents they are posting on steemit,i know sometimes we feel there are tags that attracts more upvotes from users so because of that we are tempted to use the tags even when it is 

not even related to our contents and it turns out that the person would start spamming on steemit by using the wrong tags,i believe totally that any good contents can get good upvotes no matter what tag is used,so i will advice anyone  to use tags that is directly correlated to their contents....goodluck...