What is your purpose in life?

Currently my purpose in life is to accumulate more cryptocurrency like Steem. I guess it is a good purpose because it gave me the motivation to contribute in the Steem Blockchain like answering your question in musing.io.

So I spend a few bucks to get some Steem Dollars few days ago. Who knows it can come handy soon. 

Hopefully, you guys here can reply me for a good way to spend my Steem Dollars. 😉


Purpose is not fully discovered. It unfolds as you unravel one. It is not a destination but a process. If it is a destination, then it means you will have to be stagnant for ever. But it is a process because you keep moving from one level to another.

My purpose on this earth is to live and impact lives, create a lasting impact on people's lives and be a blessing to humanity.

I want people to say, "Because of Juliet, I have become this or that, because of what she told me, I was able to achieve this or that feat".

There are lots of people with potentials in life, but surprisingly, only few make use of it. This is because they sometimes need a push and do not seem to get it.

My purpose in life is to help people discover purpose.

I can't help people discover purpose without first finding purpose. So, I'm in the process of finding purpose.

What is your purpose in life?

Remember, when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.


GOOD question...

Every person have some purposee for their life.Because we can see every person have aim for do something in life.And we all know its not so easy.In my life I have some purpose.

* First purpose in my life my mom dads happiness. For my mom dad happiness I will do everything whatever will be better. Because theyey are so important in my life.That's my life first purpose to see happiness in my mom dad happiness.

* Second I will say about study. Its so important topic in every person life.Because study decide many things in peoples life. Its give one people one good life.It can give so many things in someones life.It can give knowledge. That's why my second purpose my study.Because it will give me real knowledge. That's so important for life.

* Also my last purpose to do something in life everyy person should do ssomething in their life.I want to do also.I want e know also me to seeing y name. Thats so most important ourpose also for my life.

Thanks for your question. .

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Basically, my purpose is to serve God,because he is the reason for my existence,and also live a comfortable life that I may be able to help others. A life that would make others to want to live like me. A life worthy of emulation, that's life's purpose .

My purpose in this life is to ensure that my family and friends thanks God everyday for my existence. I want to be able to impact lives.

Sometimes when I see beggers on the streets, I would wish I could just go and give them a huge amount of money that would change their lives forever, but I will realize that I don't have such capabilities for now.

Although, my purpose in this life, is still maturing gradually, I'll start with these ones I have realized.

My purpose in this life, is to serve God, live a comfortable and be ready to help others rise.


 The main purpose of life accumulates my life goals. Which is one of the best goals comes a professional makeup artist? I want to be on the high level, so I'm just on the focusing on my future goal. My goals are just depended on myself and still hard work. Everyone's has an aim of life as like mine.

Without any purpose, life becomes useless. We should spend our life according to our purpose. Every moment of my life is just struggling to achieve my life goals. The second one goal is achieving enough cryptocurrency for getting the profit in the future.

Life depends on your purposes so we should always try to accumulate goals. Life becomes successful If we focus on what we want to get in life. Basically, it's all about you, what the way you tackle. I just learning day by day from my main purpose, which I surely achieve in future.  


I think this is such a complicated question, the answer to which is so time and situation dependent. However, based on my age, occupational and financial status and based on my life goals, my current purpose in life is to proof to myself that i am an intelligent investor and grow my personal wealth to a level so that i can start socially responsible enterprises that are truly non profit in nature. I have had the fortune of studying at some of the most prestigious universities in the world, and studying with talented people has made me realize that i have above average intelligence. However, my financial status leaves much to be desired. I want to grow as an investor and accumulate wealth to prove to myself that not finding lucrative jobs was misfortune and not a true reflection of my ability. Later i want to correct a lot of things i think are wrong with this world through education and make the world see through rhetoric and BS that is constantly thrown at us.


The purpose of life to share your blessings or wisdom to other who needs it. God has given us a purpose to live and it is to serve those needy people and be thankful to what he has created us to. We may not know the real purpose of life that God has entitled us to do but at least we should do good deeds and forgive those people who wronged us. Be happy and be contented. Praise our lord God. :)


To observe reality, to learn about it and to understand it. 


The purpose of life is something that you will understand that life in the world is only temporary (not eternal life).

While you get a bigger perspective, you will better understand the journey itself, by looking back and by being able to anticipate what's ahead.

This purpose of life is realized by taking a journey, not by establishing a pleasant or interesting explanation or a definition for oneself.

The purpose of life is not justification. The purpose of life is not a substitute for anything. The purpose of life is something that is waiting for you to find. You can only find it by taking this journey, by following the path, by learning while you walk and by gaining perspective and greater understanding gained while someone becomes an adult in the Knowledge system.

As a Muslim, the purpose of my life is very simple. The purpose of human life is explained in the Qur'an, where Allah created jinn and humans only to worship Him.

Therefore, I can understand that the purpose of life is only to prepare for the next life after life in this world (after we die).

This life is only a process to get to the next life. So therefore, in this life we ​​should do more deeds from disobedience.

Besides that, we also have to establish good relationships with others so that no one gets hurt because of our tongue and actions.

In essence, the purpose of our life in this world is how we to establish good relations with God and good relations with humans.



Live and let live

Create, experience and share happiness

Raise children that make the world a better place

Give, receive and enjoy good sex




The more prominent purpose, past sensible and ordinary aims, objectives, tasks, is to look for truth, to know oneself in unmistakable honesty.

To be better every day or year is to prevail in a gradual way, however characterizing the better is hard.. To be a decent, valuable, conventional individual prompts contributing admirably, in family, groups of friends,community, country, profession,....

To really finish better by being as great and substance as it is reasonable and sensible will get the job done, an endless voyage. When I

perform music or give a discussion, I'm the principal individual in the gathering of people and should be happy with a fair endeavor to do well, without dread or blame.


I'm beginning to see that my qualities bring comfort to others and inspire change. 

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