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What qualities must a good leader possess?

Not everyone can be a leader and not everyone should be a leader. If everybody leads, who will follow? Leaders are those who set the pace/stage for others to follow. Like the name implies, they are the ones who lead the rest of the group and they are always up front and available to execute any task assigned to them. As mentioned earlier, not everyone can be a leader, here are some of the qualities of a good leader:

  • Service: A good leader must be someone who is ready to serve. Service is one of the qualities of a good leader. If you must lead the people, you must be willing to serve them. 
  • Listener: A good leader must be ready to listen always. He must be a good listener available to listen to the complaints of the people at all times.
  • Selfless: A good leader must be selfless. He must be able to deny self to meet the needs of the people. Selfless in his attitude, selfless in his behaviour, selfless in his speech. He must think of the people's need first before his.
  • Ability to Seek Help: A good leader is not one who is full of himself. He must possess the ability to seek help when need be. He must be able to seek the advice of his followers. He mustn't be proud or full of himself.

Wisdom. Maturity. Compassion. Patience. Adaptability. Receptivity to feedback.

An attitude embracing teamwork and empowering others.




We look for leaders who we can be considered as our reflection when we strive to be leaders ourselves. Thus, the qualities you are looking for to a leader is very dependent to your attitude, attributes, characteristics and morals because admit it, we all want to be leaders. But as I always say to my friends and to some young children, a good leader is a good follower ; a good leader is a listener. He/She opens himself/herself to his/her followers and listen to them. There could be many leadership attributes to a leader we are looking for and I think, my answer sums up a bit of them.


A leader must possess certain qualities to be really reckoned with as one. For a leader to effectively pass it's ideology and principles into the followers or colleagues he/she must be a good speaker and listener. Possessing great communication skills enable him/her to be able to relate well with others. Poor communication skills will definitely lead to bad and poor outcome. A leader is viewed as being weak, and incompetent when he/she lacks communication skills.

Also, great leaders must be full of charisma. The great leaders of our time are friendly, easy to approach and they are also caring. It is easy to learn, relate and follow the footsteps of a leader that is caring and not hostile. This is an important characteristics of a leader because it makes them feel loved by others.

One other important feature of a great leader is that they must be able to make decisions and stand by it. They must be bold enough to make decisions that would be beneficial to the generality of the group. Leaders like this don't blame anyone but themselves if the decisions they made is not productive. In other words, they make themselves accountable for the growth and failure of the group.

Thanks for reading.


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There are two skills that must be possessed by everyone, especially for each leader, namely hard dimensions and soft dimensions. Then people ask? Between hard skills and soft skills, which is the best?

According to Abd. Aziz Yusof in his book Human Resource Management The Soft Dimension

Hard dimensions regarding the mastery of science, technology, program design and so on. Whereas, soft dimensions are Emotional Intelligence Quotient. There, about a collection of personality, social, communication, personal habits, language, optimism, justice, forgiveness, and spirituality.

So, soft dimensions are very difficult to build (formed) on everyone, especially if he will become a leader. Soft dimensions of some people argue formed from offspring and need to prepare a clean soul to achieve good emotional intelligence. Unlike the case with hard dimension, he can be cured with education and hard work.

So, we hope that a leader has excellent soft-dimensional qualities, because this soft dimension greatly influences life dimensions in becoming the people he will lead and guide.


Leadership is a role which everyone wants to be part of because we all want to be a leader in one way or the other. The fact is that everyone is surely a leader but most of us do not know we are all leaders. We can trace the aspect of leadership from our family which includes our hierarchy level or position in the stage or level of our family. A father is surely a leader of the whole family, followed by the mother, followed by the first born provided he has junior ones and the trend continues like that. This implies that we may not necessarily be the class representative of our class, or the head of a certain community before we can be called a leader. We are actually a leader in some part of our lives.

We all want to become leaders in some certain places or stages we may meet our selves in life but we lack some leadership qualities.. How can we lead if we don't have the required qualities to be a good leader? Some people who also claim to be leaders ended up causing the downfall of their society or community because they lacked some essential qualities we must be possessed by every good leaders. Ralph Nalder once said "a true leader is someone who produces more leaders and not followers". How can we produce more leaders if we don't have the essential and required qualities to be a good leader?

In the below posts, I will be sharing you some essential qualities a good leader must possess and I hope you will find this very beneficial for you to enable you become a good leader.

1) CONFIDENCE: Every true and good leader must never lack confidence in themselves. They are usually very confident in doing things or taking action because they are the pillars of the followers. A good leader must have the courage and ability to take bold steps in achieving success irrespective of the group of people he leads and this is why such person is called a leader.

2) GOOD OR DEEP THINKERS : When I talk about deep thinkers, I don't mean they are feeling depressed such that they start thinking about something which makes them feel sad for so long. A good leader must posses good thinking faculty which helps him make and take decisions when necessary. This will assist the leader in terms of his or her Intellectual Quotient (IQ) which makes the leader thinks very differently from his his or her followers.

3) COMPASSIONATE: As a leader you must learn to be nice and compassionate to your followers such that your followers feel safe secured around you. This develops the love between the leader and the followers due to the presence of generosity as this will enable some stubborn followers obey the rules or commands of the leader easily with love as a means of compensation for his or her compassionate act.

4)RESPECT : We all know about the popular saying that "respect is reciprocal". In the case of leadership, some people do believe that a leader should never be respectful to anyone including his or followers because he is the boss in command. Well, I think that sounds absurd to me because if you really want to be respected, you also have to respect others. This means the leader has to respect the opinion of his followers and he should also try to give respect to those that deserves respect so that he will be respected in return.

5) HONESTY : A good leader must be very honest to his followers and people around him because this will surely create a space of respect and integrity for him. In our world today, we see some Governors or Presidents of some certain countries who will make different promises to the masses just to gain their vote for election but they end up not doing what they've promised the masses. Do you think these set of leaders are good leaders? Do you think they deserve to be respected for their bad actions? It's left for you to answer that.

6)APPLY THE GOLDEN RULE: The Golden rule states that do on to others what you want to be done to you. This implies that as a leader, you have to put yourself into the position of the followers whenever you intend to make a command or carry out some specific tasks with the followers. I am sure we won't have any leader treating their followers badly because they won't also loved to be treated badly and this explains the Golden rule.

7) GOOD DECISION MAKER AND TAKER : A good leader must be very good at making decisions and also he must also be a very good decision taker. The leader must make decisions which we add to the development of an any community he is leading and he must also be very alert when taking decisions.

8) COMMITMENT : A good leader must be very committed to ensure the development of both his team and followers. The leader must also be passionate about how he can achieve success in everything he does with the help of his team mates and followers.

9) INSPIRATION : A good leader must be an inspiration for his followers such that the followers feel motivated to be like the leader. When this is happening, the leader is obeying Raph Nalder statement which states that "True leaders produces more leaders and not followers". It is very sad that most of us today are finding it very difficult to enumerate some leaders because they lack good leadership qualities which makes them take part in corruption, killing, bribery, etc. This is really causing more harm than good because some followers will also want to engage in such act and if this continues to happen, it may lead to the downfall of such habitat.

10) ACT LIKE A LEADER: The most important quality is that the leader should act like a good leader and this can be achieved by learning from the ways great leaders led their followers during their time.

In conclusion, we all leaders in some part of our lives and let's strive as to be a very good leader as much as possible whenever we have that opportunity to become a leader.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


Oh man, the list is endless isn't it. well may be not, and let me give some qualities that I look for in a leader. 

1. Humility - This is one of the most underrated qualities imo. I think people who are humble gather a lot more respect from a diverse set of people as opposed to people who are arrogant. Arrogance can put people off. And respect is very important for the person to be able to lead. 

2. Experience - No leader will be able to lead, unless they have experience in that field. If they do not know enough and depend on their juniors to get a better understanding of things, their decision making will soon start getting questioned and their leadership will become ineffective.

3. Approach-ability and EQ - again, EQ. this is another one of those things people never look at. A leader should be approachable. People should be able to come to them and seek advice on how to grow as a professional or manager. They should be able to come and talk to him about achievements and mishaps, and be able to find a solution to problems through constructive dialogue. This is allow the leader to also develop a leadership team for the future that he/she can depend on. EQ, or empathy is also important as that ways, there is a diverse set of individuals working with the leader. People with high IQ can be less creative and those with high EQ can be more, and a leader will need both.

4. Ability to motivate, good speaker - A leader has to have the ability to motivate a large audience during tough times. A large business cannot be a success without that. In large companies, people often work in silos, not understanding how different units come together to deliver the final product. When times are tough, this lack of knowledge can create friction, in an already sad environment as there may be fear of job losses etc., leading to loss of productivity. A leader should be able to instil belief in the staff, that the company can overcome the tough times.

5. Long term vision and big picture view - The leader should be able to understand short term, medium term, log term changes that will affect his company and industry and be able to device strategy according to that. Planning ahead of those changes will keep the company alive. Unfortunately most leader focus on the next quarter and then they take decisions that hurt the company in the long run.  Having the big picture view, being aware of mega trends, and taking decisions accordingly are very important for leadership.

6. Decision Making, Fairness - This will be my last point. Fairness is important. A lot of people confuse loyalty with agree-ability. They surround themselves with sycophants and that is detrimental to their own performance as CEO. Being fair and meritocratic is extremely important. A leader has to able to take decisions. there are so many 'leaders' i see these days who pass of decisions to consultants, lawyers, boards. Plain ridiculous. Such people are only riding the wave of favourable equity markets. 


Before I answer this question, I want to clarify the answers from @julietisrael. In this case my perspective is different from her. In our religion, "kullulu raa'in wakullukum mas'ulun 'an-arra'iyyatih". which means: "All you (everyone) are a leader, and each of you will be held accountable for what you lead".

At least you are a leader for yourself, before you become a leader for others. Family leaders, village leaders, and so on to state leaders. 

If asked "what qualifications must be owned by a leader?", then the answer is very varied, meaning it depends on what you lead.

In my opinion it would be very difficult to set a qualification for a leader that applies in all times and circumstances.

Chaster I. Bernad (1968) argues that leadership has two aspects. First is the individual superiority of leadership techniques. A person who has a good physical condition, has high skills mastering technology, has the right perception, has extensive knowledge, has a good memory, and a convincing imagination will be able to lead subordinates. Second is personal excellence in terms of firmness, tenacity, awareness, and success.

Unlike Benard, Hersey and Blancard classify the skills needed for a manager (leader) to become the following three levels:

1. Understanding Past Behavior

The main manager must understand why people behave as they do.

2. Prediciting Future Behavior

Basically understanding just past behavior is not enough. Perhaps more important is being able to predict what they will do now, tomorrow, next week, and so on in dynamic environmental conditions.

3. Direction, Changing, and Controling Behavior.

Apart from the two opinions above, in essence the leadership qualifications that allow a leader to ensure their role in supporting existing conditions include the following:

1. a commendable character and personality

In order for the subordinates and people outside the organization to believe it, a leader must have a compelling character and personality, the leader is a mirror for subordinates.

2. High initiative

A leader should have a self-initiative of their own initiative. He proposes ideas and is willing to bear the risk of failure along with the opportunity to succeed.

3. Desire to serve subordinates

A person must trust his subordinates, listen to their opinions, wish to help, and create and combine skills so that their careers increase.

4. Be aware and understand environmental conditions

A leader is not only aware of what is happening around him, but also must have adequate understanding so that he can evaluate the differences in environmental conditions for the benefit of the organization and its subordinates.

5. High intelligence

A leader must have the ability to think at a high level he is required to be able to analyze problems effectively, learn quickly, and have a high interest in inhabiting and exploring a science.

6. Focus on the future

A leader must have intuition, predictability, and vision

The leadership qualifications above are more likely for leaders such as company managers. But a leader must be able to actualize themselves and show a commendable attitude to his subordinates, meaning that a leader does not always position himself as a boss.

The attitude of leaders and subordinates and good communication between superiors and subordinates is a determinant of success to be achieved.

In essence, leadership must be left to the experts.  People who don't understand the country, don't to lead the country. The state must be led by people who have good qualifications about the state administration and good leadership knowledge about the state.



It is such a Coincidence that I find this Question here on Musing today.

A few hours back I was watching a Television Series where someone said a Line.

**If everyone becomes a Leader then there will be no Leader at all. Someone does need to be the Follower too.**

Now I know the Line doesn't answer your Question but what I mean by this is the fact that becoming a Leader is not everyone's Cup of Tea and at the same time without the Followers, a Leader would be nothing. It's like a Symbiotic Relationship between Leader and Follower so I couldn't leave the other one alone.

# Qualities of a Good Leader

1> The number one quality for being a Good Leader is to be Compassionate Person. I believe if you are not Compassionate enough then you wouldn't care about your Followers which would in-turn make you a Bad Leader.

2> A Good Leader should be a person who is Pro-Active which means he/she acts fast and swiftly. Be involved in people's activities and help them out.

3> Some say Leaders should Lead by Example and portray them as such Perfect Creatures but the truth is they are Human too and in fact, they are not perfect they also have their faults. A Good Leader should embrace their Failures and not hide away from them because Failure and Success are both part of your own decisions so you should embrace them both.

4> Being Social is something I believe every good Leader possesses without this it is a Tough road to become a Good Leader. As in such making good relationships by being social is a nice gesture.

There are many more I can point out but at the moment these are the Qualities I think a Good Leader should Possess.


very good question. I myself really want a leader who has a firm attitude in making decisions. responsible for all decisions that have been taken. respect and provide the best service to all poor and rich communities. provide solutions to the problems facing the community. and finally, leaders must support that someone who has committed corruption must be severely punished.

I say that because corruption cases occur very often. and many leaders pay less attention to this problem. Someone who has committed Corruption against state finances and other matters must be given a severe sentence. because he has a lot of trouble and harm to humans.


In my opinion, the quality that a good leader must possess is:

# 1.Confidence

A leader instills his confidence by having a clear vision, showing empathy and being a strong role model. Show the appearance that is firm but not arrogant and still emphasizes generosity.

# 2.Inspiration

Reflect on yourself and learn from other inspiring people in similar fields. Ask for advice and tips from them to foster enthusiasm and improve leadership skills. After some time, then it can also be an inspiration for other people and employees.

# 3.Patience

Basically, patience is a courage that will test the commitment of a leader, towards the goals set. There are no shortcuts to success, but a good leader will understand all the obstacles and obstacles, and what he must do to overcome them.

# 4.Hold Banting

Everyone has had a bad day in his life. Whether it's related to finance, unexpected failures, competitors and so on. Someone with a quality leader who is "resilient" will receive well or even anticipate it first so they will not panic.

# 5.Sure

Trust is not only given by subordinates to their leaders. This is not just believing whether the chosen leader is suitable, right and in accordance with the vision and mission carried out. But this belief must also be instilled in a leader to their subordinates. Every leader must give confidence that their subordinates are able to carry out and carry out any work that has a shared vision and mission.

**Maybe that's enough from me, for sure there are still many more qualities that good leaders must have.**


Leading a group is a difficult tasks which involves the support from its members. But of course, there are some reason when a member supports his leader or not. There are qualities that a leader needs to manifest.

1. Approachable

You should have this quality in order your members to subject to your leadership. If you're not approachable, your members is in hesitancy to approach you and tell you whenever a problem arises.

2. Humility

Being a leader needs to be humble. There may be wrong decisions, but it you are humble to take a responsibility and redo what you need to work on, you will gain respect from your members.

3. Good listener

You must be a good listener than a talker. Paying attention to what your members can say will lead to respect. Likewise, listening to suggestions can help make your group succeed.

4. Respect

This is simple, respect your members and they will respect you.

5. Honesty

Will your members respect and believe you if you are dishonest? Of course not! Make sure your members can trust you.

6. Doer than a talker

One thing a team succeeds is the leader is a doer. He focuses on acting on their decisions than talking and letting his members work alone.


Great leaders locate an ideal harmony between execution, business understanding and character. Here are a portion of the characteristics of good leader: 

Great leaders have an unmistakable vision, they have a reasonable thought of where they are going, what they need to achieve and are great at key arranging. 

Valor, a standout amongst the most critical characteristics of a decent leader. They will go for broke so as to accomplish their objectives without the expectation of getting achievement. 

Great leaders don't get associated with spreading bits of gossip by being straightforward, transparent in each circumstance. On the off chance that a representative or colleague is disappointed, they will give you a chance to come over by giving arrangement. 

They are solid and definitive however humble on a similar time. 

They have the capacity of vital arranging, to look forward and predict where the business and current market patterns are going. 

Incredible leader center around the requirements of the organization. They center around results and on qualities of themselves and their group. 

They are sympathetic and comprehend their clients and representatives better. 

They can take care of issues. 

They take the proprietorship and are responsible for their work to make progress and furthermore gain from their disappointments.


1.....A good leader should learn how to listen

To be the voice of your people, you should hear them out first. Listening tells you your individuals' worries as well as empowers you to fabricate trust and association with them. Begin by soliciting each from them their worries and really identify encourage them. Be set up to be receptive and expert to their reactions about you also.

2.....A good leader realizes how to engage.

A leader isn't great by only his or her own ability, but since of how he engages his or her followers. As indicated by an author David Burkus, engaged representatives can play out their assignments better, to start and do undertakings, and think their work is essential. Leaders that engage consistently mprove the general work execution and inspiration of their representatives.

3...A good leader should have trustworthiness and uprightness.

Trustworthiness is the nature of being honest, and respectability is as a rule ethically upstanding. Without these two qualities, achievement isn't generally conceivable. Straightforwardness and uprightness are fundamental characteristics pioneers must have as they should have the capacity to go to bat for what the trust in.

4...An incredible leader should have solid communication.....

So as to oversee and engage your group, you should successfully convey your main goal and objectives. Solid relational abilities additionally incorporate giving predictable criticism and work desires. On the off chance that a leader can impact well, a group is increasingly sorted out and every individual will comprehend their job, assignment, and reason.

5....An incredible leader must have energy.

A positive personality empowers himself as well as impacts everyone around them. Regardless of whether it's giving compliments, splitting jokes, or treating your group out to supper, a pioneer who can make the work environment pleasant will lead a glad group. This thusly creates a higher worker standard for dependability and more joyful and spurred individuals.

  • Trust is the key quality, because the leader is asked to do a project while having no practical skills for its realization. He must have great confidence in his team to let it work while he himself do not know what is really happening.
  • Abnegation, because the role of the leader is to be a buffer between the hierarchy and the productive people of his team. He must therefore be able to cash the remonstrances, threats, and all the negativity from his hierarchy so as to protect his team.
  • Finally empathy, because having a relational role, he must be able to see when the morale of some members of his team down, and propose solutions so that they remain motivated and effective.

Leadership is pivotal to the growth of families, communities, organizations and must be given the much-deserved attention. Though there are contentions that "leaders ore made not born" and vice versa, it is an underlying fact that any leader must possess some sets of quality which i'll enumerate a few:

1. A good leader must be visionary - Without vision, the people being led may get perished or destroyed.

2. A good leader must be servant-hearted - the first responsibility in leadership is to serve the people being led and not to be served. When the leader has the heart of a servant, such will understand that he is to give in his best for the nourishing of the servants.

3. A good leader must be teachable -  a teachable person is that who understands the value of continuous learning. While he relies on his past experiences, a good leader must be on the readiness to seek for more knowledge as it applies to today and has the know-how for proper integration.

4. A good leader must be sacrificial.

5. A good leader must be accountable

6. A good leader must be a risk taker

7. A good leader must be a role-model.


A good leader must be someone that possesses unique qualities.

These are the qualities I think a good leader must have.

• INTEGRITY: A good leader must be a man of integrity. Someone that must be taken by his word.

• DISCIPLINE: A good leader must be a man of principle. Someone that has the attribute of discipline in him.

• TRUTHFUL: A good leader must not be someone that lies to his people. If a leader does this, then he cannot be taken by his word anymore. A good leader must have to be transparent.

• SERVE HIS PEOPLE: A good leader must not take advantage of being in power to oppress his people, he must understand the fact that he is serving his people.

• ALWAYS GIVE LISTENING EARS: A good leader must be someone who gives listening ears to his people at all times. He must always be conscious of what is affecting the masses as that is the main purpose for which he was elected.


Leaders help themselves and others to do the right things, they set directions and at same time build an inspiring vision for the followers. Leadership is about setting the pace for the next phase for the followers, either as a team or an organization.

Qualities of a good leader:

Management skill: A good leader must use some management skills to lead his people to the right destination, in a smooth and efficient way.

Service: A leader must have the ability to serve. His commitment in making his followers happy sometimes should be established.

Transparency: He must be transparent, lest he is tagged a corrupt or bad leader. He must be accountable for everything openly.

Selfless: He must be selfless. It's wrong for a leader to be selfish, protecting just his own interest. He must look out for himself and others too.

Education: I consider this quality to be very important, I believe every leader must be educated. If not, some of his decisions could be undermined.

Protection: He leader must have a protective trait. A leader ought to protect his followers from internal or external attacks. He must do everything to keep them safe.

Honesty: A true must be an honest man. A man who speaks what he can do.

Unity: He must ensure that his followers are united; Because when there is unity,there is peace,and when there is peace, there is growth and development.


Everyone can not become a leader that is why a leader is always unique and special.

###qualities of a good leader include:

A leader must be patience,

Must learn to tolerate others,

Must learn to accommodate others,

Must be focus,

Be ambitious and diligent,

Must be prayerful,

Must be outspoken

Most importantly a good leader must be more knowledgeable than his follower.


Good leaders must first of all and most importantly be able to lead the whole company or a community and be the guide for everyone to follow. The leader must have good leadership skills. 

The leader must be confident in everything that he or she does would benefit everyone. He must know what the exact direction must be before everyone is able to follow what he/she does. Leaders empowers his followers instead of ordering everyone around. The leader would empower others with the knowledge to lead and allow others to one day be leaders. 

A leader is someone that is loved by all as he is somewhat of an iconic figure, Everyone loves to be associated with a good leader. Leaders are people who are idolised as they have this intense positivism that can be felt just by standing next to the leader.  


I normally wouldn't consider myself a leader but I do know the signs that I look out for and would like to be present in anybody I would even consider approving to lead me. And these are,

1. Wisdom

Yeah I know this may sound cliche of course. Wisdom wisdom everyone wants wisdom but what exactly is wisdom. Well who knows anyway. What I mean at any rate is that I want anyone I'd call a leader to have proven in a scenario or two that in a complex situation he or she has the ability to make the wise" decision.

Which also leads me to the second quality for me and that is pragmatism. Now I'm not neccesarily saying pragmatism is wisdom, but there are certain times--more often than not--when the pragmatic thing is the wise thing to do.

Id rather have a leader who isn't naive and understands the need to be pragmatic than have one who is either hopelessly dogmatic and sticks to just one point of view or one who is utterly ingenuous.

2. Communication

Let's face it, communication is a really important part of leadership. Now I understand the need to keep somethings private for a while but on the whole I'd prefer a leader who isn't utterly secretive and unwilling to share.

I remember here on steemit there was--and perhaps perhaps there still is--a complaint about steemit inc. And Ned not communicating enough with the community.

Anyway it just goes to show how valued and valuable communication is between a leader and the people he or she is supposed to be leading.

3. Humility

Oh how attractive this trait is! To me, at least. But I reckon its also attractive to a lot of people. To find a normal person or a highly successful person being humble is humbling itself. But to find a leader exhibiting this, is nothing short of amazing!

It shows that the leader isn't self obsessed and realizes that the people he has been chosen to lead are just as important as he is. And when genuine this is the first step in knowing that he recognizes their power and has their best interests at heart.

4. Decisive and Confident

I almost didn't mention this because I believe it sort of goes without saying. I mean who would want to choose a coward for a leader.

It's why when you see some leaders even though they might be wicked or despotic, you still find yourself in awe--and perhaps even admiration--of them. Because of their decisiveness and competence.

Leading people isn't easy. It's even harder when you can't even make a decision for yourself. Didn't we all just love when Reagan said Mr. Gorbachev year down this wall! A good leader must be able to come up with a decision fast and convey with confidence.

5. Reverence and Respect

Of course even though I said a leader should be humble, s/he must also be able to command respect. Not neccesarily fear, but reverence. It is only that way that we can say the leader is "leading" and not just a puppet/figure head.

So these are just some of the traits I look out for in a good leader. Cheers and have a nice day!