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What is your favorite delicacy for starting a new year?


Fried Rice, Chicken and Salad.

Every time there is a major celebration in my house, the delicacy used for celebrating is usually Fried Rice and Chicken and I am always the chief chef.

I love fried rice so much I can eat it all day so I don't mind preparing it. Although, it can be a bit stressful to prepare, it is still my best and I do not fail to seize the opportunity to make it whenever a celebration presents itself.


My favourite food to start up this new year, is Rice with Chicken-curry-stew. It's good for a new year.

No matter what I'll eat, if i don't eat this particular delicacy (Rice with chicken-curry-stew), I won't be satisfied. So to avoid frowning on a new year, I make sure I eat it by all means.

So today being the beginning of this New Year, I ate it, although I took it late; this is because I had to cook it by myself. So i'm happy that i finally I had my favourite delicacy. Yummy!

I thank God almighty for the great opportunity to see the New Year.

Thank you!