Do you think steem can rise up to $10 when it pumps?

As per Coingecko, Steem's All time high is $8.19 which was around 11 months ago. If 8.19 is achievable then $10 is not that far. Crypto markets are so volatile and we can see huge pumps and dumps in no time. Right now it's around $0.24 and not many people thought that it could go this low from $8.19. The whole world's economy is facing a meltdown right now and a big recession is speculated. There is high probability that we do not see Steem touching $10 in the near future. Maybe by 2020 or 2025 but you never know. After all, This is crypto!!!! 


It has. STEEM peaked at about $8 in January 2018. SBD peaked at about $14 in December 2017. I'm guessing it will. But that will require that institutional investors come on board to play their games or that retail investors who got burned a this year will forget about their experiences and come onboard again. Fundamentals need to be stronger for a new speculative rally to occur but the good thing is they are getting stronger all the time. I'm referring to development, of course. A lot of good things are happening and developers not having anything to do with Steemit Inc have stepped up to the plate willing to make things happen such as @fulltimegeek who is about to release VaporChain and @blocktrades who offered to implement the migration from Chainbase to RocksDB to cut down RAM use and cost on Steemit Inc's behalf.


Who knows. As I know, Steem was never worth $10 USD so far. The maximum (the highest price) of Steem was $8.57 USD on 2018.01.03.  But anything can happen at anytime in the world of cryptocurrencies.


Anything can happen. It could rise again, but it could also decrease and fall into oblivion entirely. I think no one can really tell. It is the same as with all kinds of investments. In the end it is a gamble more or less. There are so many influences. Try and get as much information as possible and decide for your own if you are willing to invest and take risks. Nobody can take that decision from you. Good luck :)


It is very possible. At the current price of steem at 25 cents Bitcoin would have to pump to about 25k if steem follows last years patterns. Steem and all the other alt coins follow bitcoin pretty closely as we all know. 


well many users on the steem blockchain never knew steem could reach a very low price of around  0.24$ but it reached it,what does that tell you??it means that steem can rise or fall to any price no matter how high or low the price sounds to you 

,if steem could drop from 6$ to 0.24$ within few months then of course it means that steem can also rise to 10$ too depending on what is going on in the cryptocurrency market,so yeah it is possible for steem to rise to 10$ when it pumps,though it is not honestly feasible for now but it is very possible...