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How do you realize your partner is truly the one you are to spend your whole life with?

This is a really important question that everybody who is dating eventually asks themselves. The thing is that we live in a world where relationships don't last like they used to and divorce seems more common than marriage itself. No one wants to enter a relationship that will bring nothing but pain. So in light of this its really important to know whether your current partner is the one to walk down the isle with or not.

I'm a firm believer of love. I also believe that love can blind people more than acid poured in the eyes. When we fall in love with a person, we tend to see the good in that person and ignore the bad. We want to see them as perfect and this can often lead to being taken advantage of. So in choosing a partner, you have to ask yourself whether that person will love you as much as you love them and if not, will they take advantage of you and your love. That's a very important question.

You also have to ask yourself whether your partner will support you and your dreams. Everybody has goals and aspirations and we need someone who will support us and not try to tear us down or abandon us when things get tough. It may seem unlikely but it is actually very common. People can be very selfish in their relationships, not caring about what their partners want in life. Choose wisely because there is nothing better than knowing that your partner believes in you and will support you no matter what.

Lastly, your partner must feel like home. If you re going to spend the rest of your life h some one then that person must give you a feeling of comfort that no one else does. Most people don't know this but infidelity is not always rooted in sexual attraction to someone else. It can start simply by feeling more comfortable in their presence than in your spouse's. Your partner should do all these and if they cannot then the relationship will be an unhappy one.

Take note please, no matter how happy a relationship is, no matter how perfect it may seem, there will always be ups and downs. There will be good times and bad times but during the bad, when it seems like all is almost lost, knowing that your partner does all the things I talked about will be motivation to make it work. And if your partner is good to you, be good to them. Its a partnership. You both deserve love and affection equally.


You can't know that. People change and sometimes hide important aspects of themselves.  But you if you're looking for a life partner, it is perhaps best to leave that decision until you're old and mature enough to have gained modicum of stability and self-knowledge. Of course, you'd want to expect that of your potential life partners as well. You can't be too old, of course. In a modern society, 25-30 years of age is when you should seriously think about settling down if you're a woman.

Before you marry anyone, it is important that you get to know each other well. Living together is definitely recommended if your culture allows it. You should thoroughly discuss your values and life goals to see if you're compatible. Living under the same roof reveals important things about their habits, conflict resolution skills and many other things that are very important in marriage.  

Most married couples argue about money, sex, free time, children, extended family, housework. If you're a tightwad, you definitely shouldn't marry a spendthrift or vice versa. You should have sexual preferences and appetites that are good enough a match. If you're a tidy person really bothered by mess, then perhaps a messy person isn't for you unless you're wealthy enough to hire help. If you can't stand your in-laws and your partner and them are tight, then perhaps that would cause a lot of friction in your marriage. Agreeing on whether you should have children and how many is a must. It's a marriage killer if you can't come to a genuine agreement on that. If you have time consuming hobbies that are really important to you that your spouse doesn't approve of, or vice versa, it will be painful for both of you.

Before you make an important decision like marrying someone, you should know both yourself and them as well as you can. Have honest discussions with them and observe what they (or you) do when push comes to shove.


This is actually a difficult question but I'd like to give it a try.

There will always be a time in your life that you came to realize that she is the one. She's the one you want to spend your lifetime with.

An important thing for me when I say that is her attitude and character. When that person supports your dreams and goals in life and always believe in you.  That is an amazing character that I really love to. Her attitude also is very important. Can she be easily be worked with things? Does she get angry easily? Does she create conflicts the way she want? Most importantly, does she trust you with what you do?

Second would be how she look things in life. What are her plans in the next years? What are her dreams? It is very important for me to assess myself if I can handle those things and support her. What if she wants luxurious things but she has very narrow vision of success? What if what she wants are the things that distract you mentally and emotionally? Can I bear those things?

Lastly, it is mostly assessing myself how much I love and value a person. I can say, you cannot dictate what  your heart wants. Even though your mind speaks what is right, the heart does his thing. So it is always important that the "mind and heart" are in-line when choosing someone you want to spend your whole life with.


 Well there is not one answer for this question, but if you ask me....

When you see a partner is standing next to you in your most difficult moments.
When you see that your partner is willingly to give up everything for you.
When you see that a partner is willingly to stand against family and friends for you.
When you see that a partner is accepting your mistakes from you.
When you see that a partner talks openly about what they feel or think!
When you see that a partner supports you with everything you do.

When you see that a partner put you first and then her second, and if you return this favor then it would work out in a two way system, where both of you put each other in front. That would lead to a ping pong game of love!

And last, when you see her smile every time when she looks at you, then you know that you are her sunshine and the only way to answer that, is to smile back! That connection between the both of you, on every weird moment or situation, should be the ultimate proof for the love connection between the both of you. 

If you can manage to have that on every single day, on moment when you look at each other, then i can guaranteed you that she is the one for you and you for her! 


This is a very interesting question I must say.

When you are dating someone and going out there are things you look out for in a relationship before saying you want to spend the rest of your life with that person.

Love is a very complicated subject and must be dealt with wisdom.

The truth is there is this inner conviction and peace you have inside of you whenever you thought about making the person your partner for life, but once you don't feel that peace inside you and have that conviction,then it's a sign that that might not be the right person for you.


In my opinion, similar lifestyle is a key criterion in a relationship.

Obviously, I mention this by considering that basic needs are here filled in priority (safety, absence of abuse and abusive behavior ...).

For a relationship to work, both partners must have - or aspire to - the same lifestyle. Their willingness to access or maintain a certain lifestyle will dictate, consciously or unconsciously, all their decisions and guide the couple in a common direction that will not constantly be challenged.

  • Financial decisions (where you save money, where you spend money) come from your current or desired lifestyle
  • Desires and expectations for activities, holidays and weekends are based on your lifestyle
  • Your values ​​and those of your partner will often match the lifestyle of each.
  • Everyone's availability for each other - and everyone's expectations of each other's time - are still here, related to lifestyle.

"What do we eat for supper?" Will be answered according to your lifestyle.

Imagine a relationship where your spouse is constantly spending for frivolities while you work to save to buy your first home.

Remember this person who buys, prepares and offers you junk food while you make efforts to lose weight ...

Think about those couples where one partner is totally dedicated to work while the other dreams of a simple life of a couple with all the world's disponibility.

Ultimately, think of the tears lived in a couple where one partner is polyamorous while the other wants monogamy ...

Pursuing a relationship with a partner who has a lifestyle or aspires to a lifestyle totally different from ours generates a multitude of unnecessary conflicts.

On the other hand, being with a partner who is looking for the same things that we are getting closer to, makes us feel that we work as a team, that we are understood. What is needed in a long-term relationship. Are you spending your whole life with?


When my wife was still very patient and accompanied me in a difficult (poor) state, that was the time when I really knew that she was the most beautiful angel God gave me.


T’was ayahuasca that revealed to me. 😇