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When you are sad. What do you do to ease the sadness?

There are many things you can do to ease sadness or sad moods. 

Emotions are real and they can affect the balance of the mind and ultimately affect the body too. Therefore, please do make sure that moods do not affect you drastically. 

Things which I do to alleviate sadness

  • listen to happy songs - most songs in bollywood movies are happy and jolly by nature. Listening to a compilation on you tube will definitely remove the sadness and make your mood better. I also listen to old English songs - classics and it brings back good memories too. 
  • taking a walk along the woods will definitely awaken the spirits and lift the bad mood. 
  • cooking can remove the stress. Trying a new recipe will help change the moody atmosphere and the benefit - you can eat it too.
  • cleaning your place - the pent up emotions can hurt and so it can be diverted to chores such as cleaning or doing chores that you had put off for a long time. It will help remove the thoughts that are nagging you. 
  • writing down thoughts will also do a great deal in helping change the mood. 

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slow down. and sometimes distract myself, which might not always be the best option.


Whenever i feel sad the first thing i do to ease the sadness is to listen to a sad song,that sounds like an irony right??well it works for me,the sad song do remind me of my sadness and make me cry after which i get relieved unexpectedly...

After crying my eyes out and feeling relieved aferwards i then ensure i visit the cinema to go see some interesting movies especially comedy movies that will make me really laugh out loud,doing this always help me to ease my sadness and even forget it...


I used to do random things. Listening music, playing mobile game, look back old photos, try to read news or scrolling my feed. All those are for distracting my mind that I am actually not happy.

But sometimes none of this work and then I feel depressed and cry for a while. This is the best remedy for some situations to let out all the sorrow form my heart. But as I am not a cry baby, so it does not happen much. And I feel sorrow inside.

For me going for a walk, do some shopping for myself, talking with a friend best works. Those are really helpful to release my sorrow and make me feel better. 

It is not easy to get rid of sadness quickly. It takes time and needs different methods   to get out from the shadow of sadness. Try different thing and surely you will find a good method to make you happy. 


Usually music helps. Music is known to help and it's used for therapeutical purposes. I have my music selection, which always help me beat sadness and fatigue.

I also like to go out, take a walk in my favourite part and take some photos. It takes your mind off things and gives you pleasure, as those photos will remain on your harddrive. Walking is always good as fresh air helps you clear your head.


I do go to a place where i can entertain myself or talk to my brothers . Watch some funny videos or listen to calming music. 


I eat. Oftentimes I feel better after I eat. When I am feeling down, I eat. When I feel like I'm alone, I eat. Generally any negative emotion I feel, I eat.

Sometimes I down a couple bottles of beer then I go to sleep. When I wake up, I feel much better.

If it's too much, I bother my friends. That's their purpose in life. To be my go to persons when I'm down. And to be fair, I am okay with them doing the same to me.