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What are the best ways to avoid constant quarrels/misunderstandings in a relationship?

We know that even if we love someone, there will always be misunderstandings or fights in a relationship, however, they can be lessened by having the right feelings.

Many relationships suffer from these problems, but have known how to get out of them, maybe their secret is that they know how to communicate, stay together and strong after having some ups and downs and, of course, avoid future misunderstandings intelligently. The important thing is that love is not damaged.

It will also depend on the character of people, because those who are proud, selfish or resentful, will not know how to forget the problem and it will cost them to apologize if necessary. 

In my opinion, there must also be trust, we must know well who we are with, what they are able to do and not do, and learn to trust it, to avoid misunderstandings. 


Be honest and always talk things through. 

Honesty is key in a relationship. If you're not honest, there's no point in being in a relationship, Lying to your partner is disrespectful and can cause you bigger problems.

Communication is the other very important thing you have to learn and practice. Sometimes we tend to keep quiet and not tell what we think, how we feel. This is not healthy and can lead to assumption and some people unfortunately tend to act on assumptions. This is how you can ruin everything. 


Every relation needs something to be continued Relations are mostly God gifted like father,mother,sister,brother,cousins these all relation are not made by us but some relations like friends are those relations which are made by us

The main thing about relationship is to maintain it for the long time Today every relation is of little time because of some reason the biggest is busy schedule No one give proper time to their partner,family or friends which causes some distances between them which leads toward loneliness.

Question here arises how can we avoid misunderstanding in a relationship Misunderstanding occurs due to lack of understanding when both persons which are involve in a relationship don't understand each other in a right way misunderstanding occurs which leads to end of relations

Here are some points which are cause of misunderstanding

1. Ignorance

2. lack of timing given to partner

3. giving priority to someone else in front of partner

4. Ego

5. Selfishness

6. lack of soft heartness

7. Thinking of yourself better than him or her

# Conclusions

By giving time to partner,thinking in the way he thinks,listening to him about his problems,make sure he/she felt that he/she are the especial persons in your life,ignoring your ego,by making soft heart for him/her,by ignoring him/her mistake ,giving him/her special place in front of people and most important by avoiding the things which causes fight one might can remove misunderstanding in a relationship "without any misunderstanding every relation became paradise for both of partners".

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I am in a relationship now and of course we do have misunderstandings but we always make it to a point to make up for like 5 minutes . For me , I just stay silent and don't argue so that our misunderstanding will not be bigger. Sometimes if we try to argue more we may end up hurting each other .  I think giving enough space for us to reflect and think how to make up with each other . We should always lower our pride and be considerate with each other. Love and understanding should be the key to a healthy relationship.


Communication and talking things through. Misunderstandings are common and talking them through should stop the quarreling. if that doesn't help then you have  a problem and it could be bigger issues.

Not everyone is meant to be together and living together is not easy. Communication is the key, when this breaks down things tend to get chaotic.


The best way to maintain a strategic distance from any misunderstanding in any relationship is to communicate unmistakably and there are three key strides to clear correspondence: distinguish, illuminate and indicate. 

The initial step is to distinguish, ahead of time, the potential errors that could emerge while conveying and furthermore the conceivable responses to your message. The key here is to make a rundown of 'what-uncertainties'. Imagine a scenario in which he/she supposes I mean this rather than that. Consider the possibility that he/she responds adversely. Consider the possibility that he/she bounces to this conclusion?. 

The second step is to illuminate your goals. Try not to expect the individual can figure your thought process. Contingent on the affectability of the circumstance, you have to pass on the message both in a negative, and also a positive structure like " I don't mean either. What I do mean is that.." 

The third step is to determine what has occurred, or is going on. Indicate what will occur straightaway and furthermore be explicit about your desires.


1. Listen more and talk less

Talking more than each other and not tuning in to what every individual needs to state will never resolve a contention. You have a privilege to get your perspective over, however you ought to likewise tune in to your accomplice's side of things as well. Make an assention that you will take it in swings to talk and, when one individual is talking, the other individual will focus and tune in.

2. Get a period out when you have to

When you do feel that the contention is gaining out of power and excessively warmed, take a half hour break, with the goal that you both motivate an opportunity to quiet down and think things through appropriately. At the point when individuals get irate, they will in general get focused on only one staying purpose of a contention and afterward they begin to go around in circles. Enjoy a reprieve, ideally in discrete rooms, and will allow you both to chill off a bit.

3. Never undermine the relationship

Try not to treat each contention like it is the represent the moment of truth of the relationship, and never undermine a conclusion to the relationship, in the event that you don't generally would not joke about this. Dangers of part up, made in the warmth of a contention, are only a type of low given shakedown and some of the time they can reverse discharge lamentably.

4. Do whatever it takes not to raise your voice

Another vital hint on the most proficient method to quit battling in a relationship is to abstain from raising your voice. Everybody is liable of bringing their voice up in a contention, however it will just make the contention progressively hard to determine. On the off chance that you begin yelling, he will begin yelling as well and, before you know it, you are not notwithstanding tuning in to one another by any stretch of the imagination. It is hard to monitor your indignation, however attempt, in light of the fact that the minute you both begin to yell, that is the point at which you are presumably both not seeming well and good any longer.

5. Endeavor to determine an argument and quit attempting to win it

Next tip on the most proficient method to quit battling in a relationship is to endeavor to discover approaches to determine a contention and quit attempting to win it. The goal of a contention ought to be to discover an answer or a trade off. On the off chance that you are both simply endeavoring to win and to score focuses off each other, the fundamental issue will at present be there, uncertain. A genuine win, is the point at which you both acknowledge the arrangement and are sensibly content with the result.

6. Figure out how to acknowledge each other's flaws

Nobody in this world is impeccable and faultless, so our next tip on the best way to quit battling in a relationship is to figure out how to acknowledge each other for your identity and quit contending over things that truly don't make a difference. Frequently, contentions that gain out of power are begun by singling out something totally insignificant and after that they raise from that point. Along these lines, on the off chance that he has a terrible memory and he overlooked your commemoration this year, recall that there are far more regrettable things that he could have done.