Is Respect a factor not to be ommited in marriage? Why?

Respect is a factor to be considered in marriage. Respect is very important in a marriage and it has to be reciprocal. If I respect you as my husband, you should also be able to respect me in certain situations.

But respect is not a factor to be overlooked when it comes to marriage. A home where there is no respect from both parties is likely to fail. Just imagine a wife not listening to her husband and going ahead to do what she pleases, there will definitely be a tantrum in the end. Such marriage cannot last.

If she disrespects her husband, she is likely to disrespect his family and this could be a big issue. If he disrespects his wife, he is likely to commonize her orders in the house and deviate the kids from doing what she says. This could of course pose a big issue in their family and that is why respect is extremely important in a family.


Respect is a factor not to be omitted no matter what in marriages. Men value respect like they value their own lives. It means so much to them.

Even the bible talks about respect, I can't recall the bible portion that talks about it, but I can remember vividly that there is a portion in the bible that says "man love your wife as Christ loves the church, and wife respect your husband's...."

No matter who you're getting married to, be he poor or rich, please respect him. But this doesn't mean the husband shouldn't respect the wife too, it is expected more from the wife.

When there is respect for one another, there will be peace and harmony. Even the kids you raise will copy same, and then respect outsiders, like their teachers in school.


If there is anyyhing that a man understands most is respect. In marriage, respect cannot be ommited, that is if you don't want it to fail or end up in chaos. I don't think there is a man out there who will want to live in thesame house with a woman that does not respect and vice versa i guess. From what i have witnessed in most marriages, women always try to keep it cool when they are disrespected but thesame cannot be said with the man.

I think it is a man's thing to command respect from his wife being the head of the family and in turn showing his wife respect too and consideration to make their marriage work. If respect is omitted in any marriage, then we might be in for serious trouble.

As a man, on my personal opinion, it will be a nightmare to live with a disrespectful wife. A womam who shows no respect in marriage only pushes the man away and of course, he will go where he will be respected.

In conclusion, respect is a factor that should not be omitted if we want a successful marriage.