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Do you practice what you preach?

Sometimes, sometimes not.

Though, the wiser I get, the less I preach. Serves well to avoid the hypocrisy, though moreso just to maintain integrity in not telling anyone how to live their lives, honouring their right to choose for themselves - instead, merely sharing perspectives.

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Yes! Or to not paint myself like a perfectionist I could say, to a very large extent.

Truth is, it would be very difficult for you not to practise what you preach except you've got no conscience would it not prick you, reminding you of falling into what you advise others against.

Also, depending on the kind of your personality. If you're one who is being looked up to by the younger generation it is incumbent on you to do as you say because

1. You'd be breaking their trust in you which will have a negative effect on their thinking and trusting of people.

2. You'd be planting in them an unhealthy trait of not being true to their words. It would end up marring their thinking and perception about truthfulness.

3. It would also affect their relationship with others in terms of trust because it would be hard for them to trust others. Just like them they would think other people are not also true to their words.

In all, you should practice what you preach and in the case you can't, you don't need to preach it.

My people will say "ẹni ba má d'aso fún ní, t'are laa koko wo" (whoever will cloth us, we'd first look at what he has on himself) - meaning, you cannot give what you don't have.

Preaching without practising it mean you don't have it and you're not worthy preaching it.


No. They are different things. I don t have to be good preacher to be a good practicer also don t have to be good practicer to be a good preacher.


 Yes i live by the logic what i tell others, that is search or find the truth and chose for the truth and then live by the truth!

And that brought me into a roller coaster because that logic made me stand against family, friends and even society. But that is the risk im willingly to take because i prefer to search for the truth in life, then to life in ignorance!

Now searching for a truth is a big statement, because that latterly means i want to have evidence about everything, and then il chose the best logical choice what would benefit me, my family, friends, nature and life itself.

While the majority of the people live by the choices what others made for them, like what to believe or how to live or even who to love or what they should do in live. And i believe that everyone has the right to be, say, think, act how they want to live in life, even if the majority think different.

This is what i mostly preach, be the person who you want to be and live by the way you want to do in life, and it should be good for you, your family, friends and nature. And never do to others what you don't want others do to you, that's what i preach!

But it's needed to be strong if you follow this logic, or else the problems can consume you or even destroy you! 


I cannot say I don't try to but as humans we fail at some point but that has never made me stop trying. I try my utmost best to do practice what I preach because being a hypocrite is one of the things I hate most.