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Do you think it will be a great idea if cryptocurrency is introduced in payment of cable and electrical bills?

Yep! It is a great idea and should not be limited to only cable and electric bills. XD 

As a matter of fact, many Filipino Steemians (including me) are already using cryptocurrency earnings/gains to pay their monthly bills. Most of us are using the digital exchange currency and local wallet Coins.ph to make online transactions. 

Coins.ph now accepts 4 cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, BCH and XRP. Just months ago, @surpassinggoogle launched a campaign to make the cryptocurrency Steem be added into their system. Not sure on what happened on that though. XD

But I really do see this happening in the near future, be able to use crypto to pay for monthly or even daily bills especially right after when crypto starts to get the attention and recognition it truly deserves. 


It would be cool if we could do that directly. Imagine if we invested in this mining software that mines coins that pay for the bills. Then it can daily mine enough to pay for the utility bills.

Then hopefully it can extend the day of payment until our mines are full enough to pay off the bills. Imagine bills becoming something that is of the past in the future. Woo hoo. He hehhee.


Here in the Philippines, we use cryptocurrency transactions through coins.ph. I love their service because aside from sending and receiving money (either fiat or cryptocurrency), you can buy mobile phone loads, buy tickets, pay your bills, and a lot more. I used to pay my bills through coins.ph either from our own money (Philippine Peso), Bitcoin, BCH, ETH, or Ripple (according to its Philippine Peso value)

To answer your question, that's a great idea because we already have that service in our country and I am pretty sure it will evolve and prosper.


Yes it is, in fact it is happening right now in certain countries. However, I do think that it shouldn't be limited to the payment of cable / electricity bills, Cryptos should be used on everything that the conventional money could do.

To support my answer to your question, since crypto is digitally created through miners, I think it is fair to use cryptocurrencies to be used for payment on the bills incurred by creating the crypto itself.


@Citimillz, In my opinion Cryptocurrency is future and slowly in coming years we will going to see the development of this sphere and yes, it will going to become the medium of exchange in many services but at this moment we have to wait for sure. Let's hope for the best. Have a great time ahead. 🙂