Can money buy love?
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I took some time to muse over the content of this question and the following are my submissions:

1. Love is not a commodity - Though love could be seen as a gift and can be measured (to some extent)  with  an outward expressions, yet, its nature is more of an intrinsic value of character, identity, worth, image and trait than tangible. If lover were a commodity, buying it would be imperative.

2. Love is a personality - To me, the best measure of humanity is love. Where love is lacking, then the relations between humans would be a mere representation of the animal kingdom.  Indeed, personality cannot be bought with money, rather, can be developed by a frequent practice.

3. Whatever bought with money must be maintained with money - It would be quit an expensive adventure to want to maintain love (assuming it was bought). This is because the gauge and meter reads in milliseconds. Hence, love cannot be bought with money. However, somethings have been mistaken for love such as sex, gifts, etc. 

Let me put it this way. Money can buy you a sweet illusion that someone might love you. Question is...would you be happy with that?

No. But that doesn't mean it can't buy the illusion of love. The prospect of money can certainly make someone to want to stick around longer. Money definitely attracts those who love money and what money can buy. 

When we talk about love , love is one sweet,innocent,natural likeness or feelings that we have for that one person, that could be; husband or boyfriend, girlfriend or wife. Some people calls it true love.

When I talk about true love, it is a kind of love that's not triggered by any material things such as money. This kind of kind of love doesn't need to much to glow, it only needs attention and communication. You may add yours. This kind of love can last forvever if handled with care.

There are also some folks who falls so deeply in love with their partner simply because of his wealth or her wealth, but this kind of love doesn't last, because once the money is gone, love will definitely fade away.

However, love requires money for some sweet development, money makes love beautiful. Money solves unnecessary problems between lovers. With money involved, love is sweet. But then, true love can exist with or without these things.

Money doesn't buy true love, but it can buy something that looks like true love.

If you want to fall in love, fall in love with the person, but not with what the person has or will Have.

Life is full of ups and downs, you can't predict the future to know if what made you to fall inlove would remain same for a long period of time.

Money can only buy fake love, and not true love.

My boyfriend will always say, "Money doesn't buy love but it tushes love up".

Lol, looking at that, it seems true. Money doesn't really buy that love but it sure makes love attractive.

Because, somehow, it is better to be kissing your girl in a tushed up place like a beautiful and comfortable hotel room than kissing her under the bridge.

It is also better to go on vacations in a beautiful country like Dubai than go on vacation in a mud house village.

It is better to eat fried rice and chicken with your girl than to drink garri without sugar but salt.

So, as you can see, money does not directly buy you love but it is sure important to keep the love glowing and growing. 🌟

The answer is yes and no.

Still, money can buy love but not for the reasons that are mentioned above. The ease of life, the material goods, etc. do not make one person love another. They are just an argument for one person to agree to live with another, there is no place for love in there.

The main reason money can buy love is the image. When we have money, we can show ourselves, so we can be seen and know. This allows you to meet many more people than when you have no money. Obviously, the people we meet will also be pictures. We show, we are not. But, once this barrier of the meeting, the first contact passed, it can build something else.

It will be necessary then, to go over the material contingencies, to pass over the money and the goods, to discover the person and not the image that it projects of itself thanks to its money. And there, love can be born. Money has allowed the encounter, the attraction of the image and the discovery of the being placed behind.

A man or a woman who has money, will also have the image to project. And this image will always be more attractive than someone who does not have money. But still you will have to be able to seduce the person as if we had no money. And it's much harder. Basically, you have money, you're attractive, but you will have a lot of trouble to make you love for anything other than your money. On the other side, you have no money, so you are less attractive, but you will have more ease to make you love because you do not hide behind your fortune.

The self-image with money makes it possible to attract more people to oneself and to be attractive. But the worry is that these people can love the image, but not the person that we really are.

An example stupid: Imagine that I am a woman, I walk on a large avenue. My eyes will be much more easily on the guy coming down from a red Ferrari, super well, class etc ... What about the grimlings coming down from his Super 5 with the cap upside down and jeans with the crotch at the calves. And the image that the guy with the Ferrari projects before him is much more attractive than the other. The mere act of attracting attention can be a first step towards seduction .......

For the cons, I let you do it is much easier: money does not buy love because a feeling is uncontrollable. It is not monayable .... And all the other platitudes repeated in time. You can also swing the couplet to the eraser on the money does not make happiness and thing thing stuff muche. Whatever one says, money anyway makes happiness. Go tell a poor man who has nothing to eat that he is happier than the guignol who has 50 million in his bank account and he lives better ...

As my friend would say: You have money and you are not happy? File me your money, you will not necessarily be more happy but me yes.

Never in a million years :(

 It's sad to say that even though a person owns a huge amount wealth, that person can never buy the affection called "love".  

You may be able to use money to entice another person to feel affectionate to you but it will never be real and it's something that will last for eternity.  

I can guarantee that when the money is gone, the person that you thought really love you will also disappear together with it. 


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No, but

1. It'll make you attractive to the one you love (in most cases).

2. It makes your lives sweet and comfortable

3. You get to spoil your partner a lot with vacations and all

4. If you don't let it get into your head, money would make your lives wonderful

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In reality NO! But there are some countries which you can buy wife, that sometimes develops to real love.

No. But it can buy sex. 😈

Any love built on the basis of wealth isn't love and such don't/can't last or stand the test of time. As soon as the money is finished, that's the end of the love story.

So with the knowledge that love can't be bought with money, it is pertinent to know that, the love story of a couple who were already in love is sweeter when money comes in.

I hope this was helpful.

Sincerely money may not outrightly be able to buy love but it could help you to find love or find those who will be willing to love you...

1....first of all Success is truly attractive..

it is a known fact that many People are usually more respectful,more forgiving and also usually give more attention those that are known to be influential and also powerful...(money truly gives you influence and power)..now please do not get me wrong,i am not saying that being successful will bring true love but sincerely it could actually make people have a second closer look at a person for them to start realizing that they have a good perception concerning the person and that they are beginning to like that person.....money can make a person successful thereby bringing attraction which could later grow to become love.....

2.....do you know that Confidence is really attractive??

well it is a true fact that Money can make many people to become more confident....and your confidence will make you become more attractive to people who begin to admire you and want to get close to you and during that process they could start loving you for who you are......

3..Having more time for yourself really improves your great chances to really find love....

with wealth You would be able to have the opportunity to be in more places and spend enough time there.....wealth also makes You to be able to have the greater freedom to really enjoy your favourite hobbies,then also find new ones and really meet those people with similar hobbies....those people might find you attractive and be willing to be with you,after being with you they could later fall in love with you especially if you have a great personality combined with your wealth.....

4......it is a fact that Generosity is attractive

. It is really much convenient to really appear generous when you as a person have a lot of money.