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For a musician on steemit, which tags can get him/her more exposed and also get good upvotes?

well most musicians that post their music contents on steemit prefer to use the #music as the tag for their contents because they feel that will 

help them to get to the right audience,well that is a good tag but based on my observation i discovered that there is a new dapp for musician which website is dsound.audio ,dsound is a platform on the steem 

blockchain and its specifically for musicians and music lovers,and you can use the tag "dsound" to get good upvotes on your music content on steemit....


Previously, Dlive was one of the right applications for those who posted video songs before Dlive left. In addition, @dtube also curates the video of your song. Even today, @dtube is still actively giving curations to users.

If you've heard the name of one of the @luzcypher people, then it's he who is running a curation project for users who want to share song posts using the #openmic tag. You will be given proper curation if you provide quality posts.

Maybe this is just information that I can share. Hopefully you can develop it with other information.

Thank you for the question. Good luck.