Is it wrong for a man to cook for his wife?
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Not unless if you can give me a law that prohibits men from cooking for his wife, then men cooking for his wife can never be wrong.

Cooking for your wife or even doing the laundry cannot make you less of a man.

Oftentimes than not, I cook for us in the morning because I wake up earlier than my wife. As much as possible, I see to it that everything is ready when she wakes up. 

Actually, I am not the man you maybe are thinking. I am not a house husband. I have my job. But, I wake up early because our house is far from my workplace. 

I don't feel bad for myself because I love the girl I am cooking for. 


Yeah. He’ll go straight to hell.

Oh shit. I guess I’m going straight to hell... FOR BEING OF SERVICE TO THE WOMAN I LOVE.


We are already living in a world where there are no boundaries on what a man or a woman should do or act. Although there was a time when kitchen area only belong to a woman's responsibility. Nowadays even a man could also be take charge the responsibility of preparing the dinner.

Both man and woman should be responsible enough to do this mundane task in the house.

My opinion is very clear here that its not at all wrong. Husband and wife both are equally sharing a family life so both of them should equally contribute. So it does not matter who cooks food. If wife cooks food for her husband then husband should  also cook and support his wife whenever possible considering his work schedule. 

We live in educated and modern society where we should treat men and women with equal respect. But still in few families women are considered only for household work and and they are not allowed to work outside. In such families if women is sick then men of that family don't support her. This mindset is wrong and need to change. 

Talking about myself,  my wise if housewife she does some work from home. Since she is at home so she cooks food daily for me and my son. But whenever I am at home (be it weekday or weekend) I always help her in cooking. Something even I cook food though I don't know many dishes to cook but still I try to cook whatever I can.

Thank you. 

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 No, this is absolutely not a wrong fail that a person can cook for her wife. Because if a wife can cook for him then definitely men can cook anything for his wife. So I guess this is love If a person can do for his wife. Every person has own right to express the love for doing anything in the absence of love. 

If a person does this then the wife can feel something special for him because the love between us can make this situation happen in their life. So this is not something scared because this is just an amazing thing for both between us. I just sharing my guessed feeling. I am not at the stage but I can imagine the situation between a loving couple.

A loving couple can anything do for he/ her because love can make that happen. Cooking is another interesting thing which you do for yourself. If you know how to cook😀

Anyways his, not the wrong thing, even this one is just a nice way to make love strong between the loving couple. True love can make a relation long lasting. So cooking is also a good way to express the love between us. 🙂 

What i can't fathom is questions like these being asked in today's day and age. There's nothing wrong with a partner cooking a meal for the other partner, male or female. Both put in the same amount of hard work in office, both share responsibilities of a household. Both are equal partners, so i dont see why a man can't cook for his wife or why that is wrong. A man may actually like cooking or be a better cook and therefore may be he should be the one doing it all the time. But even as a sweet gesture and to show that one cares for what the wife does every day (in case it's a household where the wife cooks), a man should cook once in a while.

Wrong?? I would say it is a blessing. I wish I could cook too, but I would probably set the house on fire. A man is supposed to help and have the same responsibilities his wife has regarding the housekeeping.

Of course a woman can handle things better on that era but I see no reason why this would be wrong.

Not to mention that the best chefs around the world are men...which means we can handle cooking too if we want to offer to our beloved wife!

I believe that everyone should be allowed to live life as they choose so long as they are not hurting anyone else or breaking any laws. If a man wants to cook for his wife or for his family then why should he not have the right to do so? Stereotypically, women do the cooking, cleaning, and child rearing but why should men not have the opportunity to help if they want to do so? My brother-in-law cooks for his family and my sister helps out in the yard when needed. They are a team and each picks up the slack if something needs to be done. 

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It is not wrong for a man to cook for his wife.

I don't believe there are some job specifications just for ladies alone.

Yes, a woman cooks the meal for her family but what stops the man from helping out?

If he decides to cook for the wife a particular day, it doesn't make him less of a man.

It is simply an act of love, showing love to his wife by helping out in the kitchen.

My Dad cooks for the family once in a while and we are all very happy when we find him in the kitchen. Dad's food is special as it doesn't happen all the time.

I pray, wish and hope that my husband knows how to cook because what happens when I am heavily pregnant or sick and can't do so much work? Isn't he supposed to help out then?

As for me, I do not see anything wrong in a man cooking for his wife, the only caution there is that she shouldn't take that gesture for granted and demands that he cooks all the time.


Absolutely not! I wonder if there are places in this world which forbids men cooking for their wife or family.

There are some couples which the husband cooks their food, while the wife don't know how to cook. Also, some wives find it romantic seeing their husband cooking for them. It shows cooking for your wife can make your wife happy, so do it!

I don't still have a wife, but I see myself if that situation in the future. I want to do that for my wife to show my love for her. I am not a romantic guy but I will do that because for her.

On the other hand, even as a guy, I have my specialties and I even have schedule in cooking for the family so I don't see it difficult to cook.

I dont think its wrong.

Because if wife can cook for her husband than man can also cook for his wife.I know in some countries people don't like it.But this thinking not good for our life..Men need to work also in house.. Need to helpp also there wife. Also this thinking base on good mentality. Because good mentality depend for many things I can say.But if man love their wife they will help their work also We need to help both for one peace life.we need to help wife also for one lovely marriage life.

Thanks a lot for your question. .


I think in the current modern world, it is alright for man to cook for his wife as there is an equal distribution of rights. If a man can cook, it can actually reduce the workload of a man's wife. In some ways, when we as a man look at it as if our wife is free and not doing anything but she has also a lot of things to deal with which can be difficult sometimes. 

When we cook, as a man, it can release her workload if we could if not cook and at least just help in cutting and preparation of food then it could help. It could also make the man's wife love him more. Not many man would be able to cook which is a plus sign. It can create a better bond with the man and his wife as it can be something that a man can show that makes his wife know that she is of an equal to him and things and chores like this can be share. If a man doesn't cook, at least by helping out in the house chores would be good enough. Families with kids would need a husband who is able to help in a way. Taking care of kids isn't something that is easy as I have tried to take care of my own nephew and it was pretty hard of work. It is harder than working at a company. 

Helping out also keeps our body fit. Some man would rather just after work sit there and be a couch potato and bellies grow bigger and bigger. I myself, do help out in cooking sometimes, cleaning, washing plates, vacuuming and even cleaning my toilet. I think at the moment of time in history, man and woman are of equal standards and it is not wrong for a man to help his wife to cook or even prepare for food. Unless in some cultures, it is seen that it is unmanly doing such menial task. But I believe every effort counts. 

Hi there, 

I would like to answer this question on my behalf and I am considering myself on that position. Well, I don't think anything wrong to prepare food for his wife even my father help my Mom to Prepare food and he also earn money for our bread. Because you have married with that Girl and now it is your responsibility to understand her  feeling rather than focusing on only your self motive.

 You are not partner just for having fun but you are partner for everything whether it could a good movement or bad movement. But preparing Food all time is not good and It become habit then it's not a good sign when you are doing all the things by yourself everyday and your wife is doing nothing.

Thank you & Have a Good Time :-)

As for me, I love cooking and I don't mind doing the cooking for that woman called my wife.

In this part of the , cooking is considered solely a wife's duty, so it appears like a taboo for a man to be found in the kitchen, cooking.

A very important string that connects a man and woman is "love". So, as long as the love that exists between them is genuine, I don't see anything wrong when a man cooks.

In most cases, the man appears busier than the woman, in that case, the woman does the cooking most times if not all the time. Even at that, the woman is obliged to do many other chores, she will some times get tired or fall sick, in that case, as a man that truly loves her, will I not want to help out as much as can? Yes is the answer, when am available as well, I wouldn't want to just sit and watch her do all the chores and cooking alone.

There is nothing wrong with that. It's exciting and romantic for the husband to cook at times while the wife is resting.

It's pretty much cool for the husband to cook at times.

Helping your wife out in the kitchen can never be a bad idea.

Thank you.

I was raised in a family that thoroughly believes chicks dig guys who cook.  They're right, you know.  It's a marketable skill that goes a long way.

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It is not wrong for a man to cook for his wife. Though the society has made cooking a feminine role, we all eat, whether male or female. Men who had learnt cooking from his childhood days from his home, will not find cooking a difficult task. However, others who are lazy and cannot will never.

Afterall, today, we have male chefs and they are doing real good.

It is not wrong for a man to cook for his wife.

It is not out of place for a man to cook for his wife. I see couples as friends and help mates and so, assisting one's wife with some chores that is generally seen as a woman's duty, especially cooking is not wrong at all. A man who does this is a clear evidence of humility and pure love to his partner and a relationship as this is sure to last forever...

Helllll no.

It's wrong to think it's wrong. 

I love to cook, I'm chef jeff. It would be tough to find a woman that makes better food than I do. I would gladly chef up some grub for a lady, and there's nothing wrong with that! 

No. It is precisely a husband right to cook for the wife because the wife's duty is only to serve her husband in bed (husband and wife sex).  A wife is not obliged to cook and provide food for her husband. So far, most people think that cooking is a wife's job.

Maybe most people don't agree with what this says. But that is true. If a wife is willing to force and provide food and wash her husband's clothes then it is a kindness from a wife to her husband.  

There are many jobs that should be done by the husband in the sense of the husband's obligation, but the wives have done it sincerely.

Husbands should be grateful to have a wife who wants to help do the work that should be the duty of the husband.

Ironically, even the husband was angry and yelled at the wives when his wife did not cook for him. The husband, actually,  must understands and knows his rights and obligations as a husband.

I am in this case not in the context of defending the wives, but I say what should be the rights and obligations of the wife and what should be the rights and obligations of the husband.

For more details you can read the book uqudul lujain.

No, not at all. I cook for my family all the time. Me and my wife are both busy and work different hours so it is not feasable that only she cooks. 

No its not. My husband use to cook for our family during his restdays. We don't find anything wrong with it. He actually enjoys it especially when we say how good the taste of the foods he cooked.

Not at all. marriage is 50/50 so everyone should take on responsibilities where they can help. Men who don't help in the kitchen at all are useless in my eyes.

I cook normally twice  a week and sometimes more. this gives everyone a break and it helps me learn new skills. I enjoy cooking and trying new things inspires me to be more creative.

Some of the best cooks in the world are men and husbands or boyfriends should learn how to cook. The kitchen is no longer just the domain for the woman and it should be  a shared task.