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I need an explanation on the effect of child abuse?
Child exploitation means the loss of a person by physical or mental harm, or ignoring him. Children are exploited in all cultural, ethnic and income groups. Child exploitation can occur through physical, emotional, verbal, sexual or neglect. Exploitation causes serious mental and physical injuries to the child and may sometimes cause death.
The symptoms of potential abuse are:

physical abuse

To crush, burn, wound, or cause such injury without causing any reason for the child without any reason and repeat them repeatedly.

Hitting them with some object (belt buckle, electric cord, etc.)

· Child age does not hold children's age. They never think that their actions will affect children and psychological conditions.
There is no discrepancy in the child's injury and the explanation of the parents.
· Inappropriate explanation of injury
· Obvious neglect of the child (dirty, malnourished, non-cloth clothing according to weather, non-availability of medical treatment)

Affective - verbal abuse

Aggressive and neglectful behavior

Stay away from parents and adults

Scared to go home

Sexual Abuse Symptoms
· The child tells in the house that he was sexually abused.

Physical traits of sexual abuse
· Difficulty walking and sitting
· Blood stained blood in underwear
· Pain, itching, swelling, redness in the genitalia region
· Chot marks in genital and anal area

Children's behavior and behavioral symptoms:
· Eating and sleeping difficulty
o Damping the pants or the bed even after being trained for potty.
o Acting as a child
o Too much crying
o Making distances from activities and people.

Abuse can happen in any family, without any special characteristics. However, there are some families where there are more chances of such accidents.

I need an explanation of the effects of child abuse?
The world is currently in a scene with a very frightening event for small children, why not a predator has become an outbreak for young children. Lots of events are on the show on television and print media about child abuse or known child predators. Child abuse is strictly prohibited in many countries, one of which is Indonesia, many actors are now pouncing behind bars over the treatment. Child abuse is very bad for the child, because they do not know anything about sek and even they are very afraid of it, so now we as parents should keep our baby not to fall by predators to prey on our children. With parental supervision to the child and give knowledge about sek to the children so that they are not in the stab by a child predator.
First of all, child abuse is denying a child His or her right. Once this is done to a child, His or her self esteem has been tampered with. The effects brings unhappiness to the child, low self esteem , inability to believe in His or her self to advent in life, this can lead to termination of glorious an amazing destinies. It is harmful, and and destructive and should be seriously discouraged because many destinies has been destroyed via this.
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