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How do you promote new applications that you feel add value to the blockchain?
I make it a point to discuss new use cases and applications that I feel add value to the blockchain as a way to expand the user base and help grow the STEEM ecosystem as a whole. Once we see the new developments like Communities, SMTs, and Oracles roll out, I believe that most of these applications will be much more user friendly and less dependent on stake weight of the users for rewards distribution. My question is if and how you are currently promoting the platforms, such as DLive, musing.io, Dtube, and Dsound or any of the others to bring new users onto the STEEM blockchain, and if you are not currently doing that, do you plan to once the new updates coming with SMTs get released?
What I've been doing lately is the following. I've revived my usage of Twitter and I've began to share articles (mine and from other authors) on there using the tag #mysteem

The idea is to not shill Steemit as many do, but to show articles, videos, music, etc that is hosted on our Steem blockchain. In other words, show the car running, not talk about how the car can do 0-60 in 3 seconds.

I'm calling it a soft promotion, because it's mean to spark curiosity while at the same time not engaging in the typical overpromise/under deliver behaviors I think are toxic to the crypto ecosystem.

I put out a monthly chart of all the applications on the Steem blockchain and talk about a few of the rising stars and the new apps.

Last month I talked briefly about Elegance, SteemPeak, Actifit and Ulogs. All interesting developments!

It's mainly for people already on the Steem blockchain, so they can be aware of all the possibilities for using different Steem platforms and also get excited about all the new development taking place. So internal promotion rather than external.

It did get tweeted by ned once though. Maybe that's something I should look to do, although I never use twitter so my number of twitter followers is about 7! Maybe I'll just keep it to Steem.

Here's the most recent one, next one coming up early next week. I'll be improving the analysis to get musing.io in there! (It's based on the json data of each post and musing has a non-standard format that I need to pick up).


I think this is one area where Steem is pretty exciting compared to a lot of other crypto projects. There's lots of development going on to support the different communities or to provide new services based around the Steem blockchain. It's definitely a point that deserves lots of promotion!
The best way to promote new platforms is to use them, show there is a community that actively uses it, and share it with friends. Not shill, share. Byteball could be much more popular and well liked if it didn't have such an aggressive referral system. Share cool articles you like on Steemit, show people the benefits of using it *when it is appropriate*. The difference between sharing and shilling. Don't bring up these platforms randomly to get more people to use it, but show why it should have value. The more people see how useful it is, the more they will be inclined to use it, benefiting everyone. Advertise it like many advertise Byteball, getting your post about it to the front page and commenting your referral link on every post and you will slowly cause people to never want to interact with the platform, no matter how great it is.
1. wathshapp
every blockchain I always rely on this one media, Wa obviously become a mainstay in mempromosikaan any chance to get a coin on offer either from aidrop or other.

2. Steemit
since I have been following steemit from a few months ago so it is already sya star in steemit to promote it

3. Facebook
mainstay of this one is true to give advantage also because facebook has a lot of usage awaiting aidrop or blockchain.

4. Musing
this also can be where you introduce your flagchain pledge to be used by coin lovers
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