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How dedicated Steemit Inc and Steemit developers to Steem Blockchain?

Firstly, do you actually think the Steemit you are utilizing today was like this in the past years?.. Nah! It wasn't. This is actually a solid evidence that Steemit Inc and Steemit developers are actually doing a very great job in the productivity and development of the Steem blockchain. They actually deserve to be rewarded for their great impact and work they are doing on this great platform consisting of more than 20,000 users around the world.

I am sure you can see lot of changes on the font interface. The platform wasn't actually like this before. The developers and Steemit Inc are always working almost everyday for the main purpose of making Steemit more conducive and developed for use. There have been lot of great changes on Steemit and I am very sure you can observe that yourself.

This has really shown that the Steemit Inc and Steemit developers are highly devoted an committed to bring about more changes on the steem blockchain. The fact is that if the team aren't working, there won't be the process of hardfork, SMT, changes in interface, etc. I believe strongly on Steemit and I have full hope on the steem blockchain. We just have to be patient while they are at work since it's actually for our own sole benefit and the Steemit community benefit.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.