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Is Musing.io favors those technical answers?
I am recently noticing that @musing was somehow (I guess) favors those answers that came from internet - those answers with proof and evidence of research studies. Are you seeing it to? I think @musing must prefer curating those personal answers and not those answers that came from some studies and research. What you think ?

I don't think Musing.io favors technical answers. If Musing.io upvotes a technical answer, it is just be because it was a good answer, not a technical one. I disagree that Musing.io should favor one type over the other. Their goal, after all, is to encourage the quality of answers. And in some cases, there are questions that will be better answered with a technical and fact-based response that is backed by evidence and sources, while some questions will be better answered with an opinion-heavy response. 

The thing is, the type of answer should match the question. So, for example, if a question asks for facts, like, "Who is Steve Jobs?", the answer must also give facts, which will require sources. Sure, saying that Steve Jobs created Apple, Inc., may not require a source because most of us are aware of that (though a source is always better than none, I say). But, saying that Steve Jobs was born on this day, was xx years old, was worth xx billion dollars, etc., and did all these other interesting but not well-known things, will require sources because you are presenting them as facts. And because there is no guarantee that the person talking about those "facts" is right or is telling the truth, the sources help so readers can verify them. 

On the other hand, if a question asks, "What is your favorite book and why?", then a source is not necessary, at all. It's asking for an opinion. So, you can write about Twilight being your favorite book, and even its biggest haters can't challenge you because you were just stating your opinion. No one can challenge whether you are telling the truth or not, because you are the only one who could verify that. And no can challenge whether you are right or not, because you are giving an opinion and there are no right and wrong opinions. 

There are other circumstances, however where sources are necessary, bar none. For example, when you quote from somewhere else, or when you are using other people's words, and basically all other instances where plagiarism could be an issue. 

So you see, it's not about favoring one, over the other. It's about good, well-written answers, which could both be technical or opinion-based. 


Most of my answers are personal answers. I make sure I have adequate knowledge about the question before answering them. This includes having knowledge of whatever might be posted on the internet. Maybe it's because I read wide, but I do have a knowledge of most questions being asked. Hence, I don't use the internet. Infact some of my answers have been written as posts by me.

Musing will curate your answer if it completely answers the question being asked. You must also watch out for your grammar and spellings. Certain questions such as Cryptocurrencies price will definitely need proofs. You need to back them up with proofs.

So, try to provide the correct answer that comprehensively covers the question asked. Make sure it is not copied and paste too. That is not accepted and you may get banned.


So i was browsing through this platform to see the questions and answers and i noticed that there are many questions and answers that are upvoted...

I personally observed that the questions upvoted are meaningful questions that concerns topics or subjects that many people would really be interested in....based on my observation i realized that a good question or answer can get an upvote irrespective of whether it is a technical answer or not

i also observed that answers that were upvoted were answers that really answered a question in a well detailed manner with enough information that will make

anyone to be able to easily make use of the information that is inside the answer given,and that makes the person asking the question to be able to get the

information which they desire when asking question,so that means that the major factor that musing.io use to determine questions or answers that will get upvote is simply “quality” so a questions or answers with good qualties will get upvotes


Not really, most of the time the most easily understood will get more favors. Either your answer technical or not, make sure people can understand it.


I don't think so, though I only got my first upvote yesterday, it wasn't technical. The question was what kind of game I would forever play and I answered it with a brief of history on why I love that game. It's not technical but I think what they look for are information that has value in it. 


Musing curators curates answers with values and 

answers that are meaninful,whether your answer is an answer based on your personal opinion or based 

on researches,what matters most is that your 

answers to any question should be well detailed and informative if you really want musing.io curators to 

upvote your answers,musing.io curators do not discriminate and they are transparent in terms of 

upvoting answers,they upvote answers based on answers that meet their curating 

guidelines,musing.io do favour a user more than the others,musing.io curators are sincere and 

transparent and they upvote answers that have good quality irrespective of who the user is....