What is needed to be happier in our life?
Write answers from your heart. Perhaps we could find the formula for happiness

I tell people they should learn to love themselves, and others unconditionally. 

True happiness comes from within, but it can be wonderfully amplified with the right companion. In order to find the right companion, you must first love yourself, or companionship is destined to either be miserable, or fail completely. 


Spending time with the people you love makes you a happier individual. However, being in the middle of a social network and equipped with people around you makes you a happier person.

Just like chocolate and peanut butter, our goals and happiness in life are two inseparable elements that support each other. This process is quite simple: happy people are filled with life energy and this energy helps them achieve their goals.

The more we see an objective as part of ourselves, the easier it is for us to reach that goal because we embrace our energy to achieve what we do.


One need not successfully be energetic. Euphoria a similar number of academic people say, and its genuine, is a viewpoint. That is all. One is, can and should be content with what they have under any conditions.

"Endeavoring to be happy" or trying to be lively is in like manner not bliss! Do whatever it takes not to make a tolerable endeavor to be bright.

Just change the perspective of thinking and that is it. Clearly we as a whole will have issues about once per day. One need to keep handling them and despite those issues one can "feel and be chipper!. Like by working up the mindset that "things could be all the more dreadful" or "this too much will pass" or "Que Sera" would altogether help in being energetic.

Ecstasy should be the default viewpoint. Besides, at whatever point an abandoned/horrendous event happens one should feel hopeless/awful anyway not for a long time. Following a few days come back to the default an area of Happiness.

Seeing things in a "fun/interesting" way is one sure technique for being happy continually.

Also, to invalidate what I indicated in the primary sentence, if at all there is one thing that makes one happy, it is your thinking, the way in which we see.


We all need people who understands us and always ready to listen and share our ideas when needs be. A family to always stand for us. God to always provide for us and always protect and of cos we all need money to be happy and a sweet lovely family coupled with friends who supports us