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What science fiction movie displays the most advanced technology that we already actually have?
Trying to think of movies that are not loaded with tech that we might have one day, but tech we have now. Just thinking how outlandish we could get with what we already have invented.
I think that honour hasto go to the 1993 movie starring Sylvester Stallone, Demolition Man.
It depicted a society of complete control over its citizens, where everything was virtual reality and free thinking outlawed.
Perhaps not quite as bad asnthe world is at the moment but we are definitely heading in that direction.
Inventions that came true were self driving cars, virtual reality sex, video communication in real time and token based systems to pay for things. It actually predicted Crypto! There was also speech recognition to turn on electrical appliances and music and a 'ask google' device of which you could ask questions and receive answers in full sentences.
No idea about the seashells and I am hoping the part about not having actual sex at all turns out to be false but this movie is well worth a watch whilst remembering it is 25 years old!
There was talk of a remake in 2014 but thankfully never materialised. Sometimes, you just can't improve onnthe original.
Hope this answers your question and I will be interested to see some other answers.
I am going to pick some low-hanging fruit here. The feature film Knight Rider based on the 1982 TV series of the same name. We have self-driving cars now with computer consoles that can answer questions and talk to you.
Believe it or not there is a new serious out now called 'The Expanse', it's set in not so distant future where humans have already colonized mars and ventured further past the asteroid belt ...... now the tech there looks very advance, but really all existing the human tech is like merely 50-100 years improvement of what we have now, all very reachable within our technological grasp and what a beautiful show it is.

I dare you to finish watching Season 1 and 2 and not want a third. My heart aches now for them to fund the next book / Season.