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You think video games are sports?
Chess, darts... Both are classified as sports.

I absolutely do!

In my mind, a sport is a contest that can be run over and over to determine who the best in that contest is.... and eSports do exactly that.

I really like that eSports now exist.... for so long, 'sports' was just something that really athletic people could participate in... which excluded a large portion of the community.  eSports are hard... they require a huge amount of training and the skillset is often incredible... but it's something that anyone can participate in if they are dedicated enough.

There are so many sports where a particular body type has an advantage... Basketballers tend to be tall, Soccer players tend to be wiry, Rugby players tend to be huge... Tennis players tend to be lanky... all of which tends to exclude everyone else who is not that body type... obviously there are exceptions... but there are very few people 5 foot tall playing in the NBA, and very few 6'4" people riding horses professionally.

eSports don't exclude anyone... as long as you can use a controller you are good to go.  eSports also aren't super race/region/country specific... so unlike a lot of sports (soccer being the exception) you can have people from all walks of life playing together or against each other... which helps break down racial barriers in problematic areas.

The best thing about eSports is the huge range of games/experiences available... if you have really quick reflexes, then CS: GO might be amazing for you... but if you're more strategic than DOTA 2 is available to you... Fighting games, racing games, shooters, card games... it's all there, and it's all available to everybody.  It's amazing.

I love how prize money in eSports is getting into the millions now, often funded by the fans of the game... which is just so amazing to me.  Since eSports aren't restricted to a specific location (like a stadium) it means that everyone around the world has the same experience.. and can pay into the sport in a way that no other athletic sports are able.  This means that sponsorships from companies are far less important, which takes a lot of the politics out of the sport... which is a great thing.

I would honestly expect within 10 years, there to be some sort of eSports in the Summer Olympics!

Great question! 

Hope this helps!


Gaming is certainly a sport. Since childhood, I've disagreed with the conception that video games are bad for development. 

I'm not a big gamer, so I feel it's suitable for me to defend this, from a perspective where I am not defending something I love. 

It's only logical to assume gaming is a sport for the brain. Let's look at the facts. 

Gaming forces the gamer to problem solve, through the use of pattern recognition, and cognitive retention. Some games, have full blown puzzles throughout, which force the gamer to think, strategize, and make quick, concise decisions on. Now I challenge the objector to explain how this is not a sport of the brain?


The Oxford word reference portrays sports as "a development including physical exertion and bent in which an individual or gathering goes up against another or others for incitement". At first, while many confided in an amusement should have gigantic physical exertion, and subsequent to viewing a session of say, South Korea's most cherished e-sports Starcraft, races to bounce to judgment that it is no diversion by any stretch of the creative energy. Consider this, the level of physical exertion tumbles from genuine recreations, for instance, ball to less physically-asking for ones like cuesports, and toward the complete of the range, we see despite pushing gets or tapping on the reassure a kind of physical exertion, however at a scale that gives off an impression of being generally unessential appeared differently in relation to a sweating b-competitor. The closeness of physical effort fits e-sports into the significance of diversion, and henceforth up to the point of this discussion PC amusements is a genuine diversion. Tail me to the accompanying bit of the Oxford definition: competition for diversion. To appear, the EVO title which pits players in doing combating preoccupations with each other has a wide assembling of individuals. I wind up watching the matches moved in Youtube nearby an enormous number of other individuals who share my interests. I am certain that the vast majority of the groups are seeing the video for redirection reason for other than the motivating force for joy, I don't see reason without such in observing a virtual battle. Accordingly, PC amusements is a diversion, and by definition it is in actuality, as the title puts it, real.


Chess, calculating, walking, backgammon, danger, mahjong, et cetera are sports by then so should gaming. Gaming includes using your cerebrum, paying little respect to whether its by no or exorbitantly. Notwithstanding whether it's seen as slow, it's so far a diversion. Regardless of the way that it doesn't seem like a great deal of a diversion anyway gaming is forceful and requires using your mind.