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A better system is enough or we need a better society?

To answer this question we need to understand which comes first, does the society birth the system or does the system birth the society. If you ask me I think it's the system that gives birth to the kind of society we have and as such to make things better then all we need to do is change the system.

Let me use racism in America for example. I'm sure you've heard of systemic racism and it's basically a kind of racism that isn't actually openly perpetrated, it basically refers to a situation where the system itself is flawed in such a way that it causes a particular group of people to suffer. Now you might want to say that African Americans are almost always thugs and drug dealers and so on, and that's true but that's because of the system.

Now how can you dump a bunch of people in a place with terrible healthcare, low funding for schools, no financial support, a lack of power and shelter and expect them to be anything more than thugs and drug dealers. The system is against them from the very start and the truth is that who they are and what they'll become is already decided for most of them when they are born.

The black community, or better yet the black society cannot change unless a better system is put into place. The society itself will not change on till the thing that gave birth to it changes, it's that simple. The truth is that the system favours white people more than it does black people and although it's not directly responsible for the decisions that black people made, it's the system that gives them their options.

The society cannot be expected to change unless the circumstances that put it where it is changes. It's nonsensical to think that a society which is subject to a particular system can change while still being under its influence because the system is not subject to the society, the society is subject to the system.

I hope this helps.

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Consider this example. 

Once there was lead in gasoline, and once burned by an engine, released to the air of the community.

A that time, there was a huge problem of violence and crime.

Which one would you say would be a better approach. Ask people of that time to not be violent and criminal? 

Or change the system, and put regulations on lead pollution. 

Now, we know that lead leads to some human brain function and faculty development problems. 

Long story short, we put regulation on lead pollution and violence and criminality dropped to historical lows as a result.


If you change the system, the society will follow, either to acclimate to, or counteract the change of the system.

Change of the system from within or by outside forces can lead to the society upraise against the change, or celebrate the change. 


With a better system comes a better society.

We do not need to change the system, we need to begin building the foundation for a new system to be built upon.