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Do you respect the elders? Do you love of the children?

I respect my elders because it's required of me where I'm from. Although sometimes these so called "elders" potray some acts that can make you loose every form of respect you have for them. It's good to respect elders because they tend to share some of their wisdom with you and trust me it will help you in your journey in life.

One thing about respect is that it's reciprocal, so if don't respect your elders, when you get to that age you won't be respected.

As for children, I love them and I think to an extent they enjoy my company. What's there not to love about children (except from their never ending questions and crying every 5 seconds)

Whenever your around children, there's never a dull moment it's either they're amazing you by how much they know at a little age or displaying their clumsy nature either way you're sure of having a good time.


I respect elders a lot and I love children. Respecting elders is very important especially in the part of the world I belong. Greetings, calling their names and the mode of addressing them must be respectful. Since it is part of my tradition to respect elders, it has become part if me to do so on daily basis.

Children are lovely and sweet to play with. I love it when children are around me. You can never get bored where children are. The funny questions they ask. Their childish behaviours and so on make me want to be around them even more. I love telling them stories and listen to theirs. When children tell their stories, l laugh my ass out. One thing I love about kids is their power of forgiveness. When you beat or shout on them, they play with you after few minutes. They forgive easily. How I wish I have such mind.. Children are the salt of the world. They are the leaders of tomorrow. I cannot cease loving children. They are just too precious to discard...I love them so much irrespective of age, race and status.


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As small one in my family i always respect people who are my elders .Not only home in outside also i always try to respect elders .Because its our responsibility.Every mom and dad want their children give respect elders .if we will not respect they will be upset ,But we need to always respect from heart not only from for upset or good well.Also about children we need to always give love them .Every children have a soft mind we need to talk with  them very  slowly    with love . 


Yes, yes, yes, of course I respect elders, and love my children. That is the form of the blessing God gives us.