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IF a married man decides to become a Catholic priest, DOES he have to divorce his wife? IF NOT, can he still have sex with his wife after being ordained a priest?

First things first, in the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, a married man cannot become a priest. It is required that a man is single if he decides to enter the formation of priests.

Just a quick catechism, the Roman Catholic Church acknowledges the existence of 7 sacraments: Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Anointing of the sick, Marriage and Holy orders. All Roman Catholics can receive all the first 5 sacraments but can choose only 1 of the last 2. Meaning, he should choose whether to get married or become a priest because these 2 sacraments need your body, heart and soul to carry out. 

Let us put it this way. If these 2 sacraments can be received by everyone, meaning you can get married and become a priest, how can you carry out your obligations to your family when you are also a priest? How will you decide if one of your family members needs you and the people also needs you? Or, how can you carry out your obligations to God and your family? Difficult, isn't it? That is why, these two sacraments should always be separate and can never be conjoined. So, if you are married, then the chance of being a priest is already forfeited.

However, if the reason this question was raised is because you want to serve God, you can go ahead and serve Him. There are many ways to serve God, but excluding being a priest.

The priest celebrating the mass is my brother, Rev. Fr. Rogen Limotan Leyson.


A married man cannot become an ordained priest of the Catholic church. And as a divorce is also considered to be a no go, I think they would not accept him as a priest after a divorce either. I guess that ship has sailed. Priests do have to live according to the rules of the celibate which forbids sex, so he would not be allowed to have sex with any person. However, what a priest is doing in private is an entirely different cup of tea, although this might result in a conflict of conscience for him.


At the first place, been married have already disqualified you as a candidate for been a priest. So a married can not become a priest as he has already been a married man.

And also priest are not permitted to have sex so even is paraventure, he become a priest which I know can not be possible, he can not have sex with his wife again since he has become a priest.