Can snoring ruin a relationship?

Snoring is a frequent problem within marriages & relationships that nobody is paying enough attention to. Even though its a natural phenomenon, it could potentially ruin a relationship. Couples who struggle with sleep apnea have a high-divorce rate.

When the wife’s sleep is indeed deprived due to the husband’s noisy nights, it could add discomfort. This is not a mild problem either. The lack of sleep for both partners puts a strain on the marriage and creates a hostile and tense situation at times.

For instance, the husband’s snoring if arouses the wife out of sleep over eight times an hour or so, it could lead to a situation when she would eventually give up and chose to sleep alone. So this could lead to a strain on the marriage and the couple could fight over it. Marital satisfaction also drops due to this in most of the cases.

Sleep apnea is a serious health problem that should be treated. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the tissue in the back of the throat collapses and blocks the airway. The breathing pause lasts at least 10 seconds and can occur 10 or more times an hour. Apnea lowers the oxygen level in the blood leaving the patient vulnerable to hypertension, stroke and other cardiovascular problems. The most common signs of sleep apnea are loud snoring, choking or gasping during sleep, and fighting sleepiness during the day. In addition to continuous positive airway pressure, treatment includes losing weight, sleeping on your side instead of your back, avoiding alcohol and tobacco.

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This is a rather funny question. Well, it depends on the partner involved. I've met a couple of people who said they could tolerate a snoring partner. Also, I've met those who claimed that they couldn't tolerate a snoring partner.

Hey, we're talking about love here. If there is true love, snoring should not be a problem as long as the other partner is ready and willing to find a way around it.


Hahahahahahahahaha this is funny but not funny,if you have stayed close to someone that snores badly it can be so annoying and irritating, personally I can't stand it especially those that there snore can be like a shaking building.....I wouldn't love to go into a relationship with someone that does that....... If the love is strong and the understanding is there I feel it doesn't have to ruin a relationship especially if the guy has other amazing qualities.


Snoring however is something we humans can't resist from because so far you are breathing must snore. This usually happens when some is very tired or been stressed out.

In a relationship I would say it would be so irritating if it becomes a continuous in regular basis this can lead to a partner to begin reducing his/her love and affection for the person.but also if one can understand while such situation do happen you can just ignore and maybe leave the room for the day or night in whatever time it may occur.

But mind you if you don't know or you just believe this is what such person always do it can make one frustrated at may want to quit such relationship in my own point of view


i see the likelihood of this happening especially in the 2 of the below instances. 

1)when the snoring is too loud that it deprives the partner sleep and good rest , causing them to be irritable. 

2) if the relationship's foundation is shaky and the partner on the receiving end doesn't have that much tolerance then they will not be able to bare with the snoring, therefore causing issues in the relationship.