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How often do you use sharing option like "facebook" & "twitter" here for your question & answer in musing?Do you think that this sharing option is the most underutilized option in musing ?

I never used the social media sharing option here on Musing, just like I never did on my posts on Steemit. I have been writing online and I never shared my posts as well. I just want my write ups separate from my social media life. Besides, I rarely open my Facebook account.

The sharing option whether it's underutilized, I agree. I don't even think there's 10% of Musers sharing their Musing posts in social media.


I am using Musing since 2018.11.27 (27 days), but I didn't/never used the sharing option so far, and I am not planning to use it at all.

Probably yes, the sharing option is the most underutilized option on Musing.