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What are the health consequences for those people who work in night shifts?

I  will speak out of my experience  with working at night. AFTER I STARTED WORKING in a call center , i had to work anti-clockwise , as the company was US based while we are in the Philippines.  . 

first problem for me, was the obvious, fighting not to sleep at work, there are days no amount of coffee would do, my body just needed to rest. This was also as a result of another problem. 

lack of proper rest. since i had to sleep during the day where everybody else is busy,  i found my self lacking the ample rest i needed. there was noise interruptions from people in the house and the school near by. there are times i personally had to run errands during the day, therefore my sleep would be sacrificed. i used to go to work on zombie mode. 

this in the long run resulted to me being very moody and very irritable, at some point i felt that my body was giving up on me,  fatigue kicked in, viral infections such as flue and i haven't felt worse, as the time i worked in a call center, It reached a point where i just had to FIRE my boss because my health and well being was more important that the amount offered.  


The Night , by Providence is designated for rest and sleep while the day is set apart for daily work activities.

Whatever that is upturned in use generates adverse consequences. Night shift engagements , instead of daylight activities is indeed an invite to health crises which includes , but not limited to these:

1) POOR SIGHT!! The eyes are designed to adjust to daylight Ray's for sight. It needs extra effort for ciliary muscles of the eyes to accommodate for poor light of nights to enable vision during night shifts!!

Continuous disposition of these muscles to this extra demands weakens them easily leading to various eye malfunctiond!! It can only leads to poor vision later!!

2) EXHAUSTION. Proper relaxation is almost impossible during the day as it would be clouded by both domestic, commercial and industrial activities , even around the residential areas thereby denying the shift worker proper rest during the day.I It can only end in regular lethargy arising from inadequate sleep!!

3)POOR SOCIALISATION. Humans are created as social animals. Poor socialisation because the night shift worker is always away from peers during the day could results in various social and sedentary induced diseases like Obesity, Diabetes, Arthritis etc.

4) STOMACH COMPLICATIONS. Because microbes and enzymes are programed clockwise; complications are bound as the shifter has to re order the established regime thereby engendering stomach challenges like diarrhea, dysentery,etc.

These challenges necessitates a second thought before we are completely engaged in Night Shift Only engagements. It is better to be Healthy than to be financially comfortable!!


I used to work in a night shift before as we have a shifting work schedule or routine every month. My first month of night shifts were really hard as I felt so sleepy and remembered having a headache that made me sleep in the company clinic the whole night.

Working at night can cause someone to gain a lot of weight especially with a poor diet cause you work a desk/clerical job at night and sleep in the morning which is a stagnant lifestyle.

I knew some who even at a young age got a highbood problem and needs to take maintenance medicines because of years of working at night.

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