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Why Steemit can not be a place like Medium? Why the genuine authors prefer Medium over Steemit?

I have to agree with the other answer on here.  When I was first introduced to Steemit I was told it was a place where people curate and upvote high quality content.  I know now that is really not the case here.  It became pretty evident after I was here for a while and I saw people's posts with a picture of their dog and about one sentence of text making hundreds of dollars.  

Medium is closer to what I thought this place was going to be like minus the fact that you don't get paid for contributing on Medium.  Spend some time over there if you haven't.  The content is just much more professional and geared towards people working in specific industries.  

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Because medium has a better quality level of content and is considered the industry standard blogging platform. While Steemit is more of a niche thing with a very small community. Most people have not heard about it before. While almost every person has probably read a blog post on medium at a certain time in their life. 

The economics of Steemit make also no sense. You can earn a lot more with affiliate marketing or even google adsense then people upvoting posts. Because 99% of all the posts on trending page are with bought votes. 

The model is not working, the numbers make no sense. So why use Steemit in the first place. Unless you are maybe into crypto or are seeing it more of an investment. Or you simply don't know what you are doing.